Another exclusive translation — another year!  This time we wind our clock back to the year 1922 to bring you both a brief history primer on the events of our ancestors and the what the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikan Národní Kalendar saved for us!

So join us now as we go back to 1922.

For the first time, insulin was used to treat diabetes (for a 14 year old Canadian).  The Irish Free State was formed while in America a geological survey was released stating U.S. petroleum reserves would be depleted in 20 years.  In Murren, Switzerland the first slalom ski race was run and over in Iowa the VERY cool news was Christian K. Nelson invented the ‘Eskimo Pie’ (and no, he was not Eskimo).  The Al Jolson hit “April Showers” hit #1 and the first radio was installed in the White House.

Ed Winn became the first talent to sign as a radio entertainer.  In Hampton Roads, Virginia the airship Rome exploded in the air, killing 34.  The United States Supreme Court upheld, unanimously, the 19th Amendment right for women to vote.  Egypt regained its independence from the United Kingdom.  The U.S.S. Langley was commissioned as the Navy’s first aircraft carrier.  Joseph Stalin was appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party in Russia.  The first microfilm device was introduced and the sharpshooter, Annie Oakley, set a record of shattering 100 clay pigeons in a row.

Construction began on venerable Yankee Stadium, Ecuador claimed its independence, while Henry Berliner demonstrated his first helicopter.  The first duck-billed platypus was exhibited in the U.S. at the New York Zoo.  Curly Lambeau and the Green Bay Football Club were granted an NFL franchise.  Radio Moscow began broadcasting on the world’s most powerful radio station at the time.  The first ever entire World Series was broadcast over the radio.  The first Thom McAn shoe store opened in New York City.  Benito Mussolini took control of the Italian government.    The Australian airline Qantas began service.  Rebecca Felton was sworn in as the first female United States Senator.

The first ever skywriting over the United States “Hello USA” was done by an RAF pilot.  The first successful technicolor movie was shown “Tall of the Sea” in New York while in the United Kingdom the BBC began its first broadcast.

There you have it!  A taste of ’22 — now see below for what our Czech-American editors at Amerikán Národní Kalendář were printing for us to have now 94 years later!


The National Calendar



With 100 Pictures of Serious as Well as Humorous Content.

Volume XXXXV (45)


Published and printed by August Geringer, 2520 S. Crawford Avenue.

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TITLE PICTURES:  The First All Sokol Congress in Amerika:  The Zenith of the Congress Days in the Chicago Coliseum on the Day of 28th of August 1921. – Sokol Delegation from the Czechoslovak Republic in front the Crematorium at the Czech National Cemetery.

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Annual Calendar. — Yearly signs and dates. — Moving holiday.  – Yearly Seasons. — Eclipses in the year 1922.                                                                                                                  3

Monthly rubrics with first names.  — Inserted pages for incomes and expenses in the household. — Happenings in the skies, etc.                                                                                   4-27

List of names in calendar according to the alphabetical order                                       28-30

Free Czech Schooling in Chicago. (Goes with the illustration on page 32)                         30

Lawful Holidays in the United States.                                                                                31

Nutritional value of vegetables.                                                                                         31

Tribute to Havlíček in front of the memorial in Douglas Park. (ill.)                                   32

Masaryk’s School in Cicero. (Ill.)                                                                                      32

KAPUT.  A Legionnaire’s Reminiscence. Written by R. Jaromír Pšenka. With nine illustrations by Čestmír Svoboda.                                                                                                                33

WITH A GOOD WILL.  Written by M. Ir. Folková-Bělohlavá. With author’s photo.                                                                                                                                     97

BELOW THE ŠUMAVA MOUNTAINS.  A Picture from a Czech Village from the Eighties.  By V. Petrželka.                                                                                                                125

Trees.  A poem by Ant. Klášterský                                                                                   177

FAITHFUL UNTIL HER DEATH.  A short story from a village during the first years of the World War. Written by B. Moravec.                                                                            178

Happiness,  a poem by Josef Bezděka                                                                              197

A Short Story from the Year Fourteen.  Written by V. Klíma                                         198

About the History of Czech Calendars. Written by Tom. Kočí                                       207

MY ROMANCE. A poem by Jos. Mach                                                                           211

OUR COUNTRYMEN IN CANADA.  Written by J. Hájek.  (With eight illustrations)                                                                                                                                  213

Being a Woman Teacher.  Written by Zdeňka Kroužilková                                             221

Bakus, his End and Beginning.  Written by Vláďa Hoždecký                                           223

Figures that died out.  Reported by Bedřich Moravec                                                      225

FIRST CZECHS ON NIOBRARA.  About the discovery of Nebraska and its settlement by Czech immigrants.  Collected by J. V. Holeček.  (With author’s portrait and nine illustr.)                                                                                                                                     227

FOR SAD MOMENTS.  Collection of humor and jokes. With 35 humorous pictures.                                                                                                                                   257

REMINISCENCES OF CZECH SETTLERS IN AMERICA:  Jiří Princl, Mishicot, Wis. –  Mr. and Mrs. Kamenský, Clarkson, Neb. – Eduard Holý, Chicago.                                         273

Hunting Laws in America.                                                                                               283

Abstract from Immigration Laws and their implementation.                                         291

Covering/sponsoring letters.  Rules that govern their issuance.                                       293

The First Congress of the Sokol Community in Amerika in the Year 1921. Written by M. Brichta.  (With 7 illustrations.)                                                                                     295

For Gold into the Desert.  From the reminiscences of an old settler F. Hess in Riverside, Cal.                                                                                                                                     299

Useful Advice for General Use.                                                                                       302

Census in the year 1920.  Number of Inhabitants per state. – Number of Inhabitants in American Towns with over 25,000 people according to their size.                                              306

Postal Tariffs and Main Laws.                                                                                         312

Districts of the Czechoslovakian Consulates in the United States.                                 313

Useful Information, Tables, etc.                                                                                 316-317

Advertisements                                                                                                       330 – 336

The Czechoslovak Consulate in Omaha (Czechoslovak Consulate, 317 W. O. W. Building, Omaha, Neb.) has in its district the states:  Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico. (Addenda to the list of districts of the Czechoslovak Consulates in the United States is on page 313.)

1922 Advertisement sample

1922 Advertisement sample


Tomorrow we bring you a totally different translation, but one we know you will all enjoy!

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