Welcome to our newest history primer and exclusive Amerikán Národní Kalendář translation!  The year today is 1919!

The fighting had stopped, but it would take until June for all the parties to sign the Treaty of Versailles to formally end World War I.  The Nazi party formed in Germany (of which Adolph Hitler was the 7th member) and Benito Mussolini formed the Fascist Party in Italy.   There was a flood of over two million gallons of molasses in Boston, which drowned 21.  Bentley Motors was formed.  Nebraska became the state to vote to establish Prohibition in the United States by a vote of 3/4 of the States.  The League of Nations was established.  The United Parcel Service company was founded.  W.E.B. Du Bois organized the Pan African Congress.  Oregon becomes the first state to tax gasoline (at the rate of 1 cent a gallon).  The beautiful Acadia National Park was formed in Maine.  The American Legion was formed in Paris, the Order of DeMolay was established in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Moscow the Politburo – Central Committee formed.  Mahatma Gandhi announced the start of peaceful resistance to the Rowlatt Acts in India.  Austria expelled all of the Habsburgs, while Zapata was killed in Mexico and the Polish army executed 35 young Jews.  The International Labor Organization was formed and the United Kingdom enacted the 48-hour work week.  The first ever rip-cord style parachute jump was made by (the brave) Les Irvin.  Mount Kelud erupted in Indonesia killing over 5,000 people in 104 villages from boiling water out of its crater lake.  Mustafa Kemal Atatürk landed on the shores of Turkey. Charles Strite patented the pop-up toaster.  The comic strips “Barney Google” and “Gasoline Alley” premiered.  U.S postage was 2 cents for a letter and a dirigible crashed through a skylight of a bank in Chicago, Illinois killing 13.  The U. S. House votes to restrict immigration.

So that was 1919 in a capsule and below you can read, for the first time in English, what the wonderful editors of Amerikán Národní Kalendář published for us lucky folks to see and read today!


The National Calendar



With 90 serious and humorous illustrations



Published and printed by August Geringer, 2520 South Crawford Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Czech home in Nebraska.

Czech home in Nebraska.


Title Picture:  Half a Century Anniversary of the Gymnastics Association Sokol in Milwaukee, Wis.                                                                                                              

Annual Calendar. — Yearly signs and dates. — Moving holidays — Four yearly seasons.  – Review of the year 1918. — Eclipses of Sun and Moon.                                                    3

Months with first names and name days. – Rubrics for households notes.–Happenings in the sky.—Jewish calendar. – Timely sayings.                                                                  4-27

List of names in calendar according to the alphabetical order                                       28-30

Great Days in the History of Humanity, with a Focus on Czech History                          30

A Pacifist.–A list for the Czech American History from the Times of the World War. Written by R. Jaromír Pšenka. With six original photo-illustrations and author’s photo.                       33

By the Fox Lake.–A poem by Josef Mach.                                                                        82

During the Evening.–A short story by F.J. Andrlík.                                                           83

In the Service of the Mother Country.–A picture from the life of the Czech American Countryside during the World War. By Irma Folková-Bělohlavá (with portrait of he author).                                                                                                                                             93

1919 soldiers jpeg small

Before the Spring.–A poem by J. Vrchlický                                                                    121

Chalice of Bitterness—To the Last Drop. –Written by Frank Krčmářík.                         122

Underwater Dahlia. –A poem by J. Bezděka                                                                   155

On the Shores of Superior. –A short story from Northwest Wisconsin from Václav Lenoch with five original photo-illustrations and photo of the author.                                                   156

The Cuckoo Bird. –A poem by Vilma Sokolová                                                              192

He Completed the Revenge. –A War short story by M. Mašek                                         193

A Mexican Amazon.The Adventure of a Czech Volunteer in the Mexican Revolution. — Written by J. S. Zeman-Vatra                                                                                             201

Sweet and Bitter Times.  J. Vrchlický                                                                              212

For Sad Moments.  Collection of humor and jokes—richly illustrated.                            212

From the Lives of Hunters and Collectors of Objects in Nature. –Narrated by Vlasta Vrázová.                                                                                                                                     229

Secret Organs. –Medical Essay by Dr. Miloslav J. Breuer.                                              240

Interesting Compatriots.–About Czechs in exotic countries.  Written by E. St. Vráz with illustrations.                                                                                                                 244

Words addressed to Female Youth. -Eva                                                                         253

An Old Song. –Written by Ernestina Staňková.                                                                255

A Wrecked Ship. – A poem. – Jos. Mach                                                                         257

In a Hawaiian Volcano. – Written for calendar Amerikán by Ant W. Julis, Drawings by C. S. Mark; photographs by A. W. Julis. With six illustrations.                                            258

The Evening.—A poem.                                                                                                   271

Mission of the Modern Woman.  Written by Ludmila Kuchařová-Foxlerová.                  272

Women and War. – Written by I. Folková-Bělohlavá.                                                      275

Reminiscences of Czech Settlers in America

 František Skočdopole. – Štěpán Novosad. – Václav Plaček. – Petr Waninger. – Josef V. Částka. – Mrs. Marie Jelínková.                                                                                                  278

Useful Advice for General Use.                                                                                       292

Nutritional Value of Vegetables                                                                                                                    299

Lawful Holidays in the Union.                                                                                         299

A Pacifist. – End from page 82                                                                                         300

World War.–Significant happenings in the fourth year of the war with a special focus on the participation of the Czechoslovak Nation.  For Kalendář Amerikán compiled by Jos. Mach.                                                                                                                                    314

Folk Song: Tell me, my beloved, my love. – Come, Johnny, beloved.  – Good looking girl, come!                                                                                                                                            330

Why My beloved. — Why did you not come to visit us?                                              331

Why are you, Guelder Rose, standing in the creek? – It used to rain, it poured.          332

I used to like, I used to like. – They are growing, they are growing.                            333

Postal Tariffs (including changes since October 1918).                                                    335

Narcissus. – A poem by Jos. Bezděka                                                                              337

Calendar of pregnancies of domesticated animals.                                                         340

Weight of a bushel of wheat etc.                                                                                      342

Salary tables                                                                                                                     344 _______________________________________________________________________________

A list of books can be received for free upon written request at August Geringer, 2520 S. Crawford Avenue.Chicago, Ill.


Tomorrow we will bring you yet another exclusive translation!  Only here from Onward To Our Past®! 


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