A brand new exclusive translation for you today!  We looked up the 1917 edition of the rare and difficult to find Czech-American journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář.  As our first step in our translation work on this edition (Volume XXXX) we translated and bring to you the Obsah, or Table of Contents for this issue!

The world was still in the thick of World War I.  Germany announced unlimited U-Boat (submarine) warfare.  The United States paid Denmark $25 million for the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The first jazz record was recorded.  The United States Supreme Court upheld the 8-hour work day for railroad employees. The United States was the first country to recognize the new government of Russia.  The United States Congress declared war on Germany and later in the year passed the ‘Selective Service Act’ commonly known as the Draft.  Walt Disney graduated from high school.  The Secret Service began protecting First Family.  Race riots exploded across East St. Louis, Missouri.  In Cleveland the MetroParks were established.  Ace French pilot Georges Guynemer shot down his 54th enemy plane.  The Battle of third Ypres was fought resulting in over 500,000 casualties during that battle alone.

So think 1917 and enjoy this translation!

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The National Calendar for the Year


With 118 Pictures of Serious and Humorous Content.



Published and printed by August Geringer, 541 W. 12th Street.


Bohemian Women of Cleveland from 1917!

Bohemian Women of Cleveland from 1917! Click for full image.

Title Picture:  Congress of Sisterly Supporting Association (S.P.J.) in Cleveland, O.  New Orphanage in Chicago, Ill. .Annual Calendar. — Yearly signs and dates. — Moving holidays.  Four yearly seasons. – Overview of year 1917. – Eclipses of Sun and Moon.                3

Monthly rubrics with first names including inserted pages for incomes and expenses in the household, happenings in the skies, Jewish calendar and sayings                                    4

Important days in the human history, with focus on Czech history.                                    28

The Czech Pantheon.                                                                                                           28

Text to the title pictures:  Czech Orphanage.  — Sisterly Supporting Association (Sesterská Podporující Jednota.).                                                                                                    31

Presidential Candidates to the 1916 National Elections (4 pictures.)                                    32

Filmville.  A modern romance. Written by R. Jaromír Pšenka. (With portrait of the author and 6 original illustrations.)                                                                                                     33

Three crematoria in Chicago, (pictures.)                                                                              84

“In Work and in Knowledge is Our Salvation.“ Written by M.F. Kulhánek-Černá. (With author’s picture).                                                                                                                         85

Love of Sergeant Bohun.  Written by Antonín W. Juliš.  (With portrait of the author.and 6 illustrations.)                                                                                                                123

Professor of Spiritualism.  California short story. From the literary estate of J. S. Zeman. (With portrait of the author.)                                                                                                 152

An Old Book.  A poem.  Josef Bezděka.                                                                           167

Czech Farmer. A poem. Jaroslav Vrchlický.                                                                      168

Dear Departed Slezina. The experience of a Czech American journalist. From the literary estate of Alois Janda.  (With author’s portrait.).                                                                         169

An Outcast. Written by TJ. Andrlík.                                                                                  186

A Village Siren.  Written by Bed. Moravec.                                                                       199

Resurrection.  A poem. Josef Bezděka.                                                                             222

For Sad Moments.  (With humorous illustrations.)                                                             223

A Red Woman.  Written by L.W. Dongres  (13 illustrations.)                                            239

The Most Important Medical Discovery of Our Century. Written by Dr. K.H. Breuer.                                                                                                                                    251

Forgotten Virtues.  Reported by F.K. Černá.                                                                      254

About Stepmothers.  Reflects a stepmother.                                                                      256

Amusing Reminiscences of My Father from his Lecture Tours in the Motherland.  Written by Vlasta Adéla Vrázová.                                                                                                 257

Fashion.  Written by M. Fr. Folková-Bělohlávková.                                                          265

Fleas.  Reporting by –ré. (With 3 depictions.)                                                                    267

Federal Law Concerning Loans.                                                                                        270

About our pictures.                                                                                                            274

Presidential Candidates to the 1916 National Elections (the picture of page 32.)               279

Reminiscences of Czech Settlers. (Kat. Šmrhová, Milligan, Neb., Matěj Hasík, Alois Wokal and his wife, Tomáš Šteffek, Jindřich Turek, Jan Tikalský, Václav Bernášek, Frank Vinický, K. Havlina, Folda family.)                                                                                                280

The World War years 1914–191?  An overview of the most significant happenings in the first two years of struggle among European nations.  Arranged by –ré.                              296

Australia.  Impressions of a Czech Immigrant.  Written by Josef Kolář.  (With the portrait of the author and 3 illustrations.)                                                                                           306

Useful advice for general use.                                                                                           315

The Number of Citizens of Main Cities in the United States.                                             322

The Number of Citizens in the Individual States.                                                               323

Lawful Holidays in the Union                                                                                           323

Postal Tariffs.                                                                                                                    324

Songs: By the River Berounka                                                                                           326

Do not come to our house.                                                                                    326

You are not, you are not.                                                                                       327

There is no such girl.                                                                                             327

Weight of a bushel of grain, etc.                                                                                        329

Wage tables.                                                                                                                      331

Laws concerning interest.                                                                                                  333

Calendar of animal gestations.                                                                                           334

Nutritional values of vegetables.                                                                                        339

Federal laws protecting birds and animals.                                                                         340


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