The year was 1918.  The world was still at war fighting yet another year of ‘the war to end all wars’, World War I.  The ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic was first seen in Haskell County, Kansas.  Russia changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, thereby skipping February 1 to the 14th.  The last Carolina Parakeet, the last parrot native to the Eastern United States, died in the Cincinnati Zoo.

The U.S. Congress established time zones and passed Daylight Savings Time.  General Motors bought the Chevrolet Company.  The giant German cannon, known as the  ‘Paris Gun’, began shelling Paris from over 70 miles away.  The Royal Air Force was born in the United Kingdom and Manfred Von Richthofen, better known as ‘The Red Baron’ died in combat in the air over the Somme River.  German U-Boats were continuing to wreak havoc across the open seas.

The entire Romanov family was murdered in Ekaterinburg, Russia, while Vladimir Lenin survived an assassination attempt.  The United Sates Army fought the battle of Ambos Nogales, in Arizona against Mexican forces and their German advisors, thereby conducting the only battle of World War I on U.S. soil.  In northern Minnesota, the Cloquet Fire destroyed the entrie town and killed some 343 residents.

Finally, on November 11th ‘The Great War’ ended with an estimated 17 million dead and another 20 million wounded.  The Austro-Hungarian Empire is dissolved and Czechoslovakia is established, among other significant events.

The following is what our irreplaceable Czech-American journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář included in their annual edition, Volume XLI (41).

The 'team' that bought you Amerikán in 1918!

The ‘team’ that bought you Amerikán in 1918!


The National Calendar for the Year


With 102 Pictures of Serious and Humorous Content.

Volume XLI (41).


Published and printed by Aug. Geringer, 2520 South Crawford Avenue


Title Picture:  A group of outstanding exile activists for the independence of the Czechoslovak nation.

New Building of the publishing house of ‘Svornost’ (Solidarity) and ‘Amerikán’  with editorial, administrative and technical staff.

Annual Calendar.–Yearly signs and dates. — Moving holidays. — Annual seasons. – Overview of year 1918. — Eclipses.                                                                                                     3

Months with names and name days . —  Inserted pages for incomes and expenses in the household. — Happenings in the skies. — Jewish calendar. — Timely sayings.           4-27

List of names according to the alphabetical order, and the date of name days.                   28

Important days in the human history, with focus on the history of the Czech Nation.                                                                                                                                          30

The Czech Pantheon. – Czech American National Activists.                                               31

Svatopluk Čech, tenth anniversary of his death.                                                                 32

The Song of Freedom. — Written by R. Jaromír Pšenka. With 4 original photo-illustrations and portrait of the author.                                                                                                     33

On the Anniversary of the Prophet’s Death: On the occasion of February 23, 1918.                                                                                                                                     68

Inheritance.  A short story from the American Countryside.  Written by M .Ir. Folková Bělohlavá– (With author’s portrait.)                                                                              69

By the Sea.  A poem. M.B. Šárecká.                                                                     134

Goldilocks from the Mill. Written by Václav Lenoch. With four illustrations..                 135

A Beginner.  From the literary estate of J. Zeman-Vatra.  With author’s portrait.              179

On a South Dakota Ranch.  A picture from the last uprising of Indians. Written by M. Mašek. With portrait of the author.                                                                                          190

As the Chimera Ran Away. Fantastic essay by Dr. Miloslav J. Breuer.                            199

The Sea and the Soul. A poem from the literary estate of Josef Bezděka.                        206

For Sad Moments.  Collection of humor and jokes.  Richly illustrated.                            207

About the origin of various flowers in folk poetry.  Zdeňka Kroužilková.                      223

Raven Black Horses.  Drawing of Aleš. – A Little Flower. Poem. Stella                         225

Hawaii — Paradise of the Pacific. Written by Ant. W. Juliš. With 5 illustrations.             236

The Inhabitants of Rock Villages and Pueblos.  L-W- Dongers.  With many illustrations. Series of illustrations on loan from the Santa Fe Railroad.                                                     237

Snake Dance in Walpi.  Narrated by Dr. L.S.P. Robinson. With illustrations.                   248

Miscellanea from My Father’s Travels in Distant Worlds. Narrated by Vlastička A. Vrázová                                                                                                                                     253

Reminiscences of Czech Settlers in Amerika. – Louis Breuer. — Josef Bureš. — W. Morava, Czech Captain of American Industry. – Antonín Jurka. – Two old fashioned Czech grandmothers: Anna Podlešáková and Veronika Kašíková. – Václav Hnízdo and his wife. –Václav Lenoch.                                                                                                     263-284

Little town Lonsdale, Minn. and its still living founders, Martin J. Benzik and Jakub Schultz.  Written by Louis Breuer.                                                                                             279

Be watchful for the life of small children.  Dr. Karel H. Breuer.                                      285

Useful advice for general use.                                                                                           287

Package Postal Service (Before the Introduction of War Tariffs.)                                   290

The World War years 1914-191?  Fifty of the most significant happenings in the first two years with a special focus on the participation of the Czechoslovak nation. — Third year of the war.  – First two months of the fourth year of the war.                                                  292-299

Freedom Songs.  The end from page 68. With two illustrations.                                       300

Chicago Municipal Lake Pier.  With two illustrations.                                                     316

Federal laws protecting birds and animals.                                                                       317

National Folk Songs:  Boys, do not stand…                                                                     319

I do not care                                                                                       319

Father, our father                                                                               320

The cause of weeping                                                                        320

Wait, I will tell —                                                                                321

Under the elder tree, across the lake                                                   321

Beneath, behind the oak                                                                     322

Under our windows                                                                            322

Svornost’ (Solidarity) and ‘Amerikán’ in their new home.  With illustrations.                323

The First Reader of the First Czech American Daily.                                                       325

Drunkard’s Confession.  As a warning according to personal experience. Anonymous.                    328

Page of World Statistics.  Continents, their surface and inhabitants.  – World Powers according to their surface and inhabitants. – Biggest towns on the Earth. – Longest rivers. – High mountains. – Biggest islands.                                                                                                               330

Weight of a bushel of grain, etc.                                                                                      334

Lawful Holidays in the United States                                                                                336

Laws concerning loan interest                                                                                         338

Nutritional value of vegetables                                                                                        339


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