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Hopefully yesterday you had the opportunity to read our history primer for the year 1951 to gain a better understanding of what the world was like, and what was going on, in the lives and times of our ancestors and families!  If you missed it, you can simply click here and read it!

Now we move on to our exclusive translation from the 1951 edition of the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář.  We begin, as we always do, with the translation of the Table of Contents.  These are useful for everyone to see what is in this edition as well as to get an idea of what our Czech ancestors were reading back then!

One example of the treasures we unexpectedly uncover in each edition! What a great group photo!

One example of the treasures we unexpectedly uncover in each edition! What a great group photo!

Enjoy and let us know with a comment which article you think we should translate next!

Amerikán Národní Kalendář



Volume LXXIV (74)

Published by GERINGER PRESS, Inc. 2520 S. PULASKI RD, CHICAGO 23, ILL.


Yearly Calendar, moving and fixed holidays, American holidays                            3

Monthly Rubrics and Name Days – Sayings                                                              5-16

Professor Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk – Liberator          with picture                             17

Remembering the Great Czech American Tomáš Čapek        with picture                 18-20

The Famous Sculptor Albín Polášek   with pictures                                                   21-24

How They Were Fighting Fire with Fire – Or Instructions for Using

Antibiotics by Dr. Oscar Felsenfeld   with picture                                                     25-29

Even Though They Died They Still Talk to Us – Victor Hánek, with pictures           30-32

The Flowers and Thorns of Columbia. — Engineer Alois Hora, with pictures           33-42

And You Will Overcome Everything — Poem by Miroslav Haller                             42

The Terrifying Dog — K. Scheinpflug                                                            43-46

The Reward For Sin – Death.  – Longa Vaverková                                                    47-53

The Geese. — Jos.  Hais Týnecký                                                                                54-56

Before the Battle.  — Rajmund Habřina                                                                     57-58

A Letter. — Zdeněk Bár                                                                                             59-61

The Younger Hired Woman – A nice story.                                                                62-64

Dolorosa –Vladimír Bakalář                                                                                       65-67

The Solo in the Church Choir Balcony — Jos.  Hais Týnecký                        68-70

All Saints Day – František Červený                                                                            71-72

The Pig Slaughtering during Fat Tuesday — Karel Bejsta                                          73-75

The Voice of Wisdom — Pavla Táňa Strnadová                                                         76-78

A Professor and his Dog — J. Hruška                                                                        79-88

Impressions from a Journey to the Island of Oahu – Elvíra Konečná, with pictures  89-97

A Good Thing Worked Out, with pictures                                                                 98-99

Remembering František Čech-Vyšata                                                            101-102

From a Policeman He Became a Specialist in Traffic, with pictures                          103-107

Chopin’s Nocturne — L. N. Zvěřina    with pictures                                                   109-112

This is How Women Are — Věra Skuherská                                                               114-115

Thank You Good Land –Poem by Věra Skuherská                                                  116

The 58 Years of Common Life of Spouses Frank and Antonie Fuka                                    117

Life Experiences of Spouses Charles and Anna Lux with picture                             118-121

Biography of Frank Starý from Elberon, Iowa           with picture                             121-124

Remembrances of Pioneer Frank J. Pelikán from Council Bluffs, Ia.

with pictures                                                                                                               124-125

Memoirs of Countryman Ant. Bubík  with picture                                                     126-128

Biography of Josef and Barbora Šilhový, East Islip, N. Y., with picture                  128-129

Biography of Spouses Karel and Anna Pancíř, with picture                                      129-130

Countryman Ondřej Rusý from Islip, N. Y. Has Reached the Age of 95

with picture                                                                                                                 130

The 40th Anniversary of the Wedding of Spouses James and Mary Petr

with picture                                                                                                                 13

Forty Years of Happy Common Life of Spouses Jos. and Marie Kessler

with picture                                                                                                                 132-134

Spouses Jos. And Barbora Bartík from East Islip, N. Y., with picture                      134-135

Fifty Years of Happy Marriage of Anna and Alois Liška, with picture                     135-137

Forty Years of Happy Marriage of Jos. and Aloisie Petržilka, with picture               137-139

The Biography of Countryman Jan Podaný from Detroit, Michigan with picture     139-140

The Experiences from the War in 1914 — Jan Mach   with picture                             140-143

Memories of the Texas Pioneer Ludvík Spaniel, with picture                                    143-144

When the Town Was Still Sleeping — Jan Mikš Chánovský                                     148-168

The Guilt of Mrs. Adéla — J. Hruška                                                                         170-186

The Burned Down Mill — František Markup                                                             190-198

The Quick Growth of the Texas City of Houston, with picture                                 200-201

The Sugar Girl — František Markup                                                                           204-206

Grandpa Martin Remembers Corvee — Marie Nesnídalová                                       207-208

Mother’s Heart — Pavla Táňa Strnadová                                                                     209-214

The Enchanted Rock Garden — Petr Glahn, with picture                                          215-219

The Yearning for Fields — Josef Novák                                                                          220-222

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