Join us in 1927 in the Czech-American communities across the great United States.  It was the 50th anniversary year in the publishing of the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář.

So before we bring you our exclusive English translation of the Table of Contents to this important volume, let us provide a short history primer for the year of 1927!  Here we go!

Calvin Coolidge was president of the United States and the German economy collapsed.  Trotsky was expelled from the Russian Communist Party leaving Joseph Stalin in complete control, there were massive riots in Vienna, and Lucky Lindy, Charles Lindbergh, made the first nonstop, transatlantic solo fight from the United States to the European continent.

The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson was astounding audiences as the first feature-length ‘talkie’.  The Broadway musical Show Boat premiered and famous dancer, Isadora Duncan, was killed when her scarf got caught in the wheel of a car.

Philo T. Farnsworth exhibited the first all electronic television, Davidson Black discovered the remains of Peking Man, German Heinrich Wieland was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in understanding the function of bile in the human body, and the Belgian astrophysicist, Georges Lemaitre, proposed The Big Bang Theory.

Babe Ruth became the highest paid baseball player ever with an annual salary of $70,000.  A fire in a cinema in Montreal claimed the lives of 78 children, while Japan the Kito Tango earthquake killed almost 3,000, and in the United Kingdom it is estimated some 1,000 died each week due to a massive influenza epidemic.

Harold Black invented the feedback amplifier, the Colorado State Police opened fire on some 500 unarmed striking miners, killing six, in Pittsburgh three Equitable Gas tanks explode killing 26 and causing $4-5 million in damage, AT&T implemented the first commercial transatlantic communications system, the Italian steamship, Principessa Mafalda, capsized off the coast of Brazil killing 314, and following 19 years of production of the Model T, Henry Ford introduced the Model A.

Pan American Airways was incorporated, actual rock work began on Mount Rushmore, and the University of Minas Gerais was founded in Brazil.  In Bath Township, Michigan the worst school massacre took place at an elementary school killing 38 children, 2 teachers, and 4 other adults.

Such was the year of 1927 — now let us see what was being discussed, written about, etc. in the pages of our irreplaceable Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

1878 Czech and American flags


The National Calendar for the Year


With a hundred serious and humorous illustrations

Volume L (50)

Published and printed by Aug. Geringer, 2520 South Crawford Avenue.



Title Picture: — The Salute of Slavonic Sokol Organizations to the City of Prague on the Huss Day 6th of June 1926.

Annual Calendar. — Moving holidays. — Annual seasons. – Eclipses in 1927.                     3

Monthly rubrics with first names. – Inserted pages for incomes and expenses in the household.  – Moon phases.                                                                                                               4

Pantheon of Famous Czechoslovaks. – Lawful holidays in the United States.                   28

Tariffs and most important postal laws.                                                                            29

Fifty Years of Calendar ‘Amerikán‘.                                                                                30

In the “Czech Jungle”, a picture.                                                                                       32

AFTER ALL STILL A CZECH. – Czech-American story.  Written for Amerikán 50th

jubilee annual issue by R. Jaromír Pšenka. (Includes 11 illustrations)                           33

FOREST FIRE. — A picture from the life of countrymen in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Written by John Virgl.  (with 7 illustrations.)                                                                                            97

Conscience, story by M. Folková-Bělohlavá (with the author’s photograph)                                  125

Celebration of Vojta Náprstek’s 100th Birthday (with 3 pictures.)                                                      142

Luther Burbank  (with 2 pictures.)                                                                                                                     154

ALLONS ENFANTS de la PATRIE.  Rich Hofmeister.                                                                                      155

TO THE SERVICE.  – Bedřich Moravec.                                                                                                               172

Prague through the Eyes of a Russian.  – Igor Sěverjanin.                                                                       190

MAN WITH A STRANGE HEAD. — Dr. Miloslav J. Breuer.                                                                          191

Autumn Nostalgia.  – Marie Matoušková.                                                                                                     198

MIGRATING BIRD. – Božena Pavlíková.                                                                                                           199

When Michal Štural Was a Recruit.  —  B. Groh.                                                                                          209

FOR TIMES OF SADNESS.  (Collection of humor and jokes with 43 illustrations)                             218

FROM SLAVIA TO PROGRESS.  Boleslav Trojan’s memories of Václav Šnajdr, Marie

Jonášová, and František B. Zdrůbek.                                                                                                        235

From Sunny California to Icy Alaska. – Frank J. Pracna (with 8 illustrations).                                   247

The Life Mill.  —  Marie Matoušková.                                                                                                               257

FROM THE MEMORY of Old Czech Settlers in America (with 6 illustrations).                                   258

OUR COUNTRYMEN in Faraway Foreign Countries.  —  In the Country of South American

Yankees, by engineer Otakar Suchan.  6 illustrations.  —  Snapshots from Beijing.

by F.N. Kolářová.  8 illustrations.  —  Our Man in South Africa.

by Pavel von Dvornik Plottner.  1 illustration.  —  To Brasil.  —  V. Dvořák.                                  281

Exhibit in Philadelphia.  With 3 illustrations                                                                                                  291

Gastric Illnesses.  Dr. Karel H. Breuer.                                                                                                             293

What Does It Mean to Be a Modern Mother.  —  Mildred Janovská-Wiesová.                                295


        (Title Picture and 6 illustrations.)                                                                                                                298

The Victories of the Sokols in Lyon, and Excellent Prelude to the Congress.

        (with an illustration.)                                                                                                                                       306

Tenth Congress of Czech Ladies Association.                                                                                               307

Eighteenth Congress of the Fraternal Č.S.P.S.                                                                                             308

Civil Rights of Women.  —  Issuing of Passports in the United States.                                               309

Permission to Return to the United States.                                                                                                  310

After Sixty Years,  Franta Král, Swisher, Iowa.                                                                                              311


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