We continue our 1934 History Primer today with our exclusive translation to English of the Table of Contents from then 1934 edition (Volume LVII) of the fabulous, annual Czech-American journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

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The National Calendar



Under the Editorship of R. Jaromír Pšenka

Over 100 serious and humorous pictures

Volume LVII. (57)

Published by AUGUST GERINGER and SONS, Inc. 2520 So. Crawford Ave., Chicago, Ill.

1934 ANK Cover page


1934 ANK Obsah

Title Picture:  President F. D. Roosevelt and his wife pay homage to the memory of Mayor Čermák at the Czech National Cemetery.

Annual Calendar – Moving & Fixed Holidays.  Yearly Seasons.  – Overview of the Year 1934 – Eclipses 1934. Page 3

Monthly Rubrics with First Names – Inserts to Notes About Income and Expenses in the Household. – Moon Quarters. – Sayings. Page 4-27

Czechoslovak and Czech-American Pantheon Page 28

Rates and Main Postal Laws Page 29

Roosevelt and Čermák. With picture Page 30

VERSUS ČERMÁK.  – Written by R. Jaromír Pšenka Page 31

KAPRŇATA. [An imaginary sickness]- Written by Dr. Josef Štýbr Page 65

THE POISON OF HOT BLOOD. – A Romance from Brazilian Chicago. – Written by Teresie Brasilská. With three pictures Page 75

Human Thought (Poem) Written by Karel V. Kuttan Page 111

PRINCESS TIGRESS. – A Fable from the Time of Old Mexico.  – Edited by Eliš Ausobský Page 114

TO THE RENDERER’S HOUSE. – Written by Bedřich Moravec. Page 123

Why Did Vendelín Johánek Leave for America? – Based on Real Happening.  Written by Antonín Švejnar. Page 147

The Secret of The Golden Peg Leg Mine. – Written by Vláďa Skřivánek. With picture Page 156

The Mossy Paths of the Homeland Forests – Poem by Marie Matušková. Page 170

Collection of Humor and Jokes. Richly illustrated Page 171

FROM THE MEMORIES OF OLD CZECH SETTLERS. – John Zajíc, sr. from Edgerton in Canada. With picture. Page 187

To the Native Land. – Poem by Marie Matoušková.

Our Departed People:  – Frank J. Sadílek, p. 195. – Frank Mašek, (Written by V. C. Žaloudek), 196.  – Otto Keclík, 198.  -Václav Morava, 198.

The Sentimental Story of a Forgotten Immigrant (From the life of Antonín Wíša.) – Written by Antonín Klobása. With picture. Page 200

A Quarter of a Century Farming in Arizona. – Written by Frank Halas. With picture. Page 203

From the History of Caledonia, an Old Czech Settlement in the State of Wisconsin. – From the memory of J. L. Peťura. Page 208

FROM THE LIFE OF OUR CONTRYMEN FAR ABROAD:  – In Flight (From the Experience of a Czech Soldier in the French Foreign Legion.) – Written by Až. Page 214

The Indestructible Record of Čermák’s Life. With pictures. Page 245

  1. Congress of the Association of Czechoslovak Sokol in America. – Written by J. V. Welcl Page 246

The Special Guest of Czechoslovak America, Dr. František Soukup. With pictures. Page 249

The Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. With 5 pictures. Page 250

Czechoslovak Day With picture. Page 253

How Svornost [Solidarity] Celebrated the Czechoslovak Day at the World Exposition in 1933.  With Pictures. Page 256

The Competition of Svornost [Solidarity]. With 5 pictures. Page 256

The Victory of the Czech Workers Singing Association “Lyra” Č.D.P.S = Český dělnický pěvecký sbor. Page 258

Our Sisterly and Brotherly Support Organizations. Page 259

1934 ANK page 1

 List of independent illustrations not listed in contents: (Numbers indicate page.)

Among the Rarest of Guests:  Singers of the National Theatre (Madame Zíková, Ludikar, Kubla and Štork) in Chicago. 37

The Government Building at the Exposition “Century of Progress” 41

Mrs. Nella Veverková in Washington in her Studio. 45

Delegation of the Czech Sokol (Č.O.S = Česká obec sokolská) at the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” in Arlington, Va. 48-49

Harry F. Payer 52

Mayor A. J. Čermák in Florida. 61

Božena Benešová 67

Mikuláš Aleš: “Žalov” [mythical final resting place of national heroes] from the cycle “Mother Country” 71

A Couple of Great Spirits of the Times:  T. G. Masaryk and John Galsworthy 74

Dr. František Staněk 83

Kunětická Mountain near Pardubice 102

Dr. Ivan Derer 92

Dr.  St. Mojžíš (Lom) 102

The Capitol of the United States (full page picture) 112

An Important Marker in the History of the United States of America (President Roosevelt is signing a law permitting the making and selling of beer and wine.) 113

From Mexico – The natural paradise of the world. 118

From the Exposition of “Century of Progress”:  The Avenue of Flags and the Evening Illumination of the Exposition Grounds. 122

Dr. Přemysl Šámal 125

Marjenka Halamová and Václav Divina 129

Francis White 133

From the Paintings of Hanuš Schweiger:  A Traveler 137

Josef Mach 141

From the Beauties of the National Folk Costumes from Our Old Countries (Moravian-Slovak Women from Blatncice) 145

Váša Příhoda 150

The Castle Pernstejn in Moravia 153

Dr. V. Rubeška 165

Arizona Cactus 207

A Snapshot from the Memorable Czechoslovak Days in Chicago 213

Two Glorious Memories: 1918, and 1933 244

Profile of Chicago 249


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