Today we bring you the final installment of the wonderful series of 1904 biographies of Czech immigrants to America as reported through the pages of the marvelous Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

This is a new immigrant’s story and we move out to the Western United States to find it!


Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Year: 1904, Volume: XXVII, Pages: 256-266

“The Memories of Czech Settlers in America”

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[picture of V. ČERNÝ]

“V. ČERNÝ, of Colorado.

Fate turns out strangely for some people.

Václav Černý, who was born on the 14th of December 1851 in the village of Makotřasy in the district of Prague learned the smith trade. However in 1871, when he moved to America, he learned cigar-making and he has remained in this trade up to the present time.

He belongs to the International Cigar Maker’s Union.  His activities with the association came about as soon as he stepped onto the free American soil of New York, where he was a founding member of the Purkyně no. 39 Order of Czecho-Slavonic  Support Association (Č.S.P.S.); he was also a representative in the High Order [Velkořád].

When he moved to Denver he did not alter his involvement, to the contrary, he took part in the founding of Mikuláš z Husi, no. 191 of the Czecho-Slavonic  Support Association (Č.S.P.S.) and after the transformation of this one into the Denver Order no. 37 of the Z.J.B.J he continued his involvement.

As a representative he was also present at the main congress in New Prague, Minnesota.  In Denver he founded the Czecho-Slavonic  Association, (Česko-slovanský spolek)  the aim of which is popular education and relief for cases of sickness.”

This ends our exclusive translation from 1904 of the Amerikán Národní Kalendář article “The Memories of Czech Settlers in America”.  We hope you have enjoyed all these wonderful biographies and have learned as much as we did in the translation process!  Watch for future translations coming soon right here at Onward To Our Past®.

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