Today we conclude our fabulous exclusive translation of the twenty-six page, 1934 Amerikán Národní Kalendář article “From the Memories of Old Czech Settlers in America”!

We complete this portion of our Amerikán Národní Kalendář translation project in Chicago!  This short portion of the overall article features the visit of Dr. František Soukup, President of the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic.  It was quite a visit in Chicago as well as other cities across the United States where Dr. Soukup stopped.

We hope you enjoy this portion of our translation and don’t worry!  This may conclude this article, but it won’t be the end of our efforts to bring more and more of the Czech genealogy and history found in the marvelous pages of the seventy-nine years of Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Volume: LVII, Year: 1934, Pages: 187-213


Translated by Layne Pierce and Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce

©Onward To Our Past®

“A Snapshot From the Glory Days of Czechoslovakian Chicago”

1934 Chicago image

“It was in the just now past year 1933 –the year of the Exposition—that Czechoslovak Chicago had more countrymen visitors from America as well as from overseas than in any previous year.  The most important and of course the most rare of all visitors came in the person of Dr. František Soukup, the President of the National Senate Assembly—and the co-founder of the Czechoslovak Republic, who came to the American Sokol Congress that was organized in Chicago on the 25th of June and for the Czechoslovak Day of the Exposition, ‘the Century of Progress’, on the day of the 20th of August.  He came as a representative of President Masaryk, of both Chambers, and of the people of the Czechoslovak Republic.  The visit of such an outstanding personality was fully appreciated by the overseas countrymen, especially since the guest was a man of such outstanding merit, and in addition to it, such an outstanding, inspiring orator.  Doctor Soukup also visited many Czech and Slovak settlements in America besides Chicago, from New York all the way to San Francisco.  He was welcomed everywhere with enthusiasm, and everywhere he contributed to the awakening and enlivening of the feeling of belonging and love for the old country.

On the photo, we see Dr. Soukup next to the Mayor of the City of Chicago, Mr. Edward J. Kelly, standing In the middle of the group of outstanding countrymen as they were arranged at the stadium during the General American Sokol Congress.  These are, from left to right:  Miloš B. Geringer, business director of Svornost [Solidarity]; John Toman, alderman from the city of Chicago; Dr. Ferdinand Veverka, Czechoslovak Ambassador to Washington; Mayor E. J. Kelly; Dr. Soukup; Dr. Jaroslav Smetánka, General Consul of the Czechoslovak Republic in Chicago; Chas. J. Vopička, former Ambassador of the United States in the Balkans; and John A. Červenka, Chairman of the Czechoslovak Exhibition Committee.”


Tomorrow we bring you even more exclusive translations from the pages of the fabulous Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

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