Welcome back to our 1934 exclusive translation from the 1934 annual edition of the wonderful Czech-American journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

Today we complete an obituary for an early Czech settler in Nebraska.  Wilber, Nebraska to be precise and his name was Frantisek (later Frank) Sadílek.

Enjoy this marvelous account of the life of one more of our early Czech immigrants thanks to the foresight of the editors and publisher of Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

This is another good one!

Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Volume: LVII, Year: 1934, Pages: 187-213


Translated by Layne Pierce and Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce

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1934 Sadilek image jpegFrank J. Sadílek (Continued)

               “In the year 1874, young Frank Sadílek left for Omaha in Nebraska, where he stayed one year.  He then returned to Chicago where on July 20, 1876 he married Miss Tereza Jurková.  The newlyweds departed for Omaha and the next year 1877 they moved to Wilber, Nebraska where Mr. Sadílek set up a saddle business. 

CSPS Hall in Wilber, Nebraska in 1897. Courtesy of S. Ourecky.

CSPS Hall in Wilber, Nebraska in 1897. Courtesy of S. Ourecky.

                In his radius of action, the young and industrious countryman soon became popular among his countrymen and he also took part in political life.  His first public office was the office of justice of the peace that he worked in for two years.  In the year 1883 he was elected representative to the state legislature.  He was the representative of Saline County in the legislature for two terms.  After four years he became an assistant to the country treasurer and then he was elected himself treasurer.  In the year 1898 he was elected the country registrar of deeds.  He worked in this office without interruption for 21 years until, because of his sickness and old age, he resigned.  He became sick with diabetes, which in time demanded the amputation of his right leg.

                In addition to the public offices, Sadílek was also active in association life and it was to his credit that Sokol was founded in Wilber.  In three congresses of the Western Fraternal Life Insurance Company (Z.Č.B.J.) he was the president and for several years he was also the main treasurer of the association.  He was active also in the Free Masons, where for years he occupied high offices; he was a member for 50 years.  He was one of the founders and for many years the president of the State Bank in Wilber.  In that town (Wilber) Sadílek spent 56 years.  In the year 1878 he began to give speeches during burials, and he provided this last recognition for more than 600 countrymen.   

                In recent years the well-respected countryman was ill.  Before his death he wrote his own burial speech in which he said goodbye to his many friends.  This speech was recited in Czech and in English above his casket by one of his married daughters, Mrs. Antonie Foldová.

               The Sadíleks gave birth to eight children whom they raised with success.  The most famous among them in America as well as in Europe is Dr. Olga Šťastná, now active in Omaha.

               The oldest daughter, Antonie, is married to banker Emil Folda in Clarkson, the other daughter is Mrs. Sylva Chaloupková from Fremont, Nebraska; daughter Irma married F. F. Mundil in Linwood, a member of the bank firm Folda.  The oldest son, F. J. Sadílek is employed with the firm Cleveland Metal Company in Des Moines; Walter is a lawyer in Schuyler, Nebraska and the two youngest, Karel and Viktor, are partners in a bank firm in the state of Oregon. 

                The funeral of the departed old settler Sadílek took place in Wilber Sokol Hall attended with the great participation of the inhabitants of the town and numerous friends from the county.  The bodily remains of the departed were then taken to Omaha where they were cremated.

              His departure is mourned by his wife and children and their families, as well as all the countrymen and people of other nationalities who came into contact with the late Sadílek during his fruitful life.”


Tomorrow we continue to bring you yet another, exclusive English translation from the pages of the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

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