Over the past week we have provided one of the more intriguing stories in our Amerikán Národní Kalendář translation project.

This story was only one portion of the 1934 article titled “From the Memories of Old Czech Settlers in America”.  Originally running for a total of twenty six pages, this is not only one of our longest translations, but also it is one of the most detailed articles we have completed so far.  Each of its segments (each being either a biography or an obituary) holds a fabulous and interesting insight into the lives and times of early Czech immigrants across a vast swath of North America.  Our stories reach from Texas to Ohio and from Missouri to New Jersey, New York and Alberta, Canada!  Our Czechs cut quite a path that is for sure!

However the story we bring you today is a unique one.  The title of this portion of our 1934 article is “The Sentimental Story of a Forgotten Immigrant.  From the Life of Antonín Wíša,  For Kalendář Amerikán written by Antonín Klobasa.”

While many of our stories focus on Czechs who achieved commercial success or fame of one form or another, this story is almost the polar opposite to that.  Antonín Wíša was just a man.  He met with sorrow, sadness, near death in the United States Civil War, wore the scars of war for the rest of his life, and lived a life of almost total isolation.

If you follow us here at Onward To Our Past® you know as we complete each of our translations, which if they require multiple installments, once we complete the posts we then provide our readers with the entire article as one in pdf.

So here it is!

Just below here is the pdf of “The Sentimental Story of a Forgotten Immigrant.  From the Life of Antonín Wíša, For Kalendář Amerikán written by Antonín Klobasa.”  All you have to do is hover your cursor over the front page of the pdf and a footer bar will appear for you. Use this footer bar to navigate through the entire article right here without having to flip to another screen or tab.

We know you will enjoy this wonderful story and are very pleased to be able to bring it to you, our loyal readers and fans!

Thank you and stay with Onward To Our Past® so you don’t miss a single thing in the world’s only active translation project for the Czech-American treasure trove of the fifty seven years of Amerikán Národní Kalendář.

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