Exclusive English translations continue for you here today!  We offer another biography of a Czech-American couple from the priceless pages of the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikan Národní Kalenar!

Today’s biography features a couple as they talk about their lives and experiences on the occasion of their 45th wedding anniversary!

It is quite a story, with home villages, surnames, and much more!


Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Year: 1951, Volume: LXXIII, Pages: 117-144

“Old Settlers’ Memories”

“Biography of Spouses Karel and Anna Pancíř from East Islip, L. I., N. Y.” 

Translated from the original Czech by Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce and Layne Pierce

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Spouses Karel and Anna Pancíř

            “I was born to parents Josef and Amalie Pancíř in the village of Meziříčí by Opočno in the district of Hradec Králové, on the 11th of July in 1884.  There my parents owned a small farm.  After I graduated from grammar school at the age of 14, I went into apprenticeship to be a smith and I left for the Promised Land in the year 1904.  In the town of New York I worked in my specialty for 9 years, and as things happen sometimes by chance, I was invited to a friend’s wedding where at the side of my friend’s bride was also invited Miss Anna Králová and that decided my fate.  After the end of the merriment I accompanied her to her home and it was love at first sight. In two years the late parish priest Písek from the Hus Church on 74th St. tied our hands with the pink shackles of matrimony, on the 7th of April 1905.  My bride whose parents were Jan and Marie Král also owned a farm in Řečany by Kladruby nad Labem where she was born on March 2nd, 1884.  She came, as did many other young girls looking for a better life in America, in the year 1903, that is about a year sooner than me.  Eight years after our wedding we left, together with our family, for the settlement of East Islip on Long Island where I took over a smith shop which at that time was standing by today’s building of the East Islip Theatre.  Later we bought a newish house on Harrison Avenue where I also built a smith shop and where we have been spending our time together to this day.  Our marriage was blessed with four children: sons, Vladimír, Karel and Stanislav, who are all already married, and our little girl Emilie born before Stanislav and who is also married.  Our children are all well provided for as well as nine grandchildren.  The visits of our children are also making our old age blessed, since we always enjoy having them around.

In the year 1913, a year after our arrival to East Islip I became a member of the Islip Order of the CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIETY OF AMERICA (Č.S.A.) in which, already since the year 1923, I have been working in the position of treasurer and also in the Islip Court of American Foresters, whose member I have been since the year 1916.  For the last 15 years I have also been its treasurer.  In the year 1935 with many countrymen we founded a “Merry Fellows” [Klub Veselá chasa] club.  We are mainly already older countrymen and we have been gathering in the resort of countryman Karel Mazánek in Holbrook where, during the excellent music of countryman Mr. Josef Psota, we have spent many unforgettable moments.   Unfortunately, our countryman Mr. Psota died at the age of 67 years and so he left us for eternity.  Also many of our co-members left for the place from which there is no return and only good memories are left to us.  On the day of 7th of April 1950 in our family circle we celebrated our 45th anniversary and we hope that we will reach our 50th in full health.

For more than 30 years we have been readers of Amerikán and we are always looking forward to it.”

(For Kalendář Amerikán edited by Charles Lux.)

Tomorrow we will bring you another all new, exclusive English translation of a biography of a Czech-American couple from the pages of the 1951 edition of Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

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