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Yesterday we began our exclusive English translation of the 1951 article, “58 Years of Shared Life: Frank and Antonie Fuka” from the pages of the fabulous Czech-American annual, Amerikán Národní Kalendář! If you missed yesterday’s installment of this story, you can click here to catch up for today.

Today we continue the story of the Fuka couple and conclude it for you!


Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Year: 1951, Volume: LXXIII, Pages: 117-

Old Settlers’ Memories

“Fifty-Eight Years of Shared Life: Frank and Antonie Fuka”

Translation by Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce and Layne Pierce

©Onward To Our Past®

“In 1929 he left for a well-earned retirement.

The Fukas had eight children. – One of their daughters died at a young age.  Their son Frank who was a professional lightweight boxer, was known under the name of “Young Hanlon” and he perished at the age of nineteen-and-a-half during the catastrophe of the ship, ‘Eastland’ on the 24th of July 1915.  Their son Stanley died not quite three months after Frank.  The oldest son, William owns a store with fine goods.  Their son George is a manager of his brother’s store and Otto is a technical engineer with the Western Electric Company.

The wreck of the Eastland in Chicago.

The wreck of the Eastland in Chicago.

One of their daughters, Antoinette Blaserová lives in Brookfield and Miss Blanche Fuková is a secretary with Dryden Rubber Co. The Fukas have eight grandchildren whom they adore.

Mr. Fuka has been for many years a member of the Chicago Sokol of the Order Praha no 13 of the former Czech-Slavonic Support Association (Č.S.P.S.), which is now Czechoslovak Society of America (Č.S.A.)), and other Czech Associations.  His wife belongs to the Zděnka Havlíčková chapter no. 20, Association of Czech Ladies and Gentlemen (J.Č.D.P.) , Sněžka chapter no. 37 Sisterly Protective Association (S.P.J.) and to the Czechoslovak Society of America (Č.S.A.)), among others.

From the day of their wedding the Fukas have been faithful subscribers to Svornost [Solidarity] and the calendar Amerikán.

In 1914, when the Fukas were building their home on West 21st St. and Kildare Avenue there was only prairie behind it.  Now there is a nice quarter that is largely occupied by their countrymen.

Dozens of years of their married life flew by, and now the Fukas are surrounded by the love of family members. They are spending their old age in contentment, and we wish them many more long years of contented life among their loved ones.”

Tomorrow we continue with our exclusive translations from 1951 with an all new Czech couple we will highlight!  A new couple from a new area of the United States — so stay with Onward To Our Past®


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