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We really enjoy these stories when the subjects, in this case a husband and wife, provided a photo and also give such details as their home villages, maiden names, and children’s’ names as well!

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Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Year: 1951, Volume: LXXIII, Pages: 117-144

“Old Settlers’ Memories”

Translated from the original Czech by Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce and Layne Pierce

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“Spouses Joseph and Barbara Bartík from East Islip, L. I. New York –Remembering 50 Years of Life Together”

1951 Bartik image

[Picture of Joseph and Barbara Bartík]

            “My birthplace was Nová Ves in the district of Horažďovice where my parents, Vojtěch and Marie Bartík owned a cottage and a little bit of land and where I saw the light of the world on the 20th of October 1874.  I attended grammar school until 14 years of age and upon graduation I went into service with a farmer in Nová Ves where I served until my 22nd year, having been twice deemed unsuitable during the military draft.  During the 3rd military draft the military officials did keep me and I was sent for 8 weeks of training to Pilsen and after that time I was transferred to the 11th Regiment in Písek where I stayed until the end of my three yearlong military service.  After serving the term, I went back to my home where I was serving another year and during that time I met my future bride who came to visit her birthplace; and after spending several months visiting her home she went back to America.  I followed her there at the age of 26 on the 23rd of May 1899 on the ship named ‘Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse‘.  Our courtship peaked with our wedding in a Catholic church on 61st Street on the 1st of June 1899.

            My wife Barbara born Vitanová, was born in Oujezd, had also attended grammar school in Chanovice and upon graduation from there she stayed with her parents.  At the age of 17 she left for this Promised Land. 

            In 1949 we celebrated our golden anniversary in the family circle.  We have been settled since the spring of 1907 in the settlement of East Islip where our friend, Mr. Charles Šimáček, encouraged us to live.  He was in the butchering business here. – Our first little girl, Emilie, died at the age of two.  Our son, Emil, celebrated their silver anniversary together with his oldest daughter, during her wedding day on the 26th of September 1949.

             I worked a number of years in the local private places of rich people; then a number of years for the Long Island Light Corporation, and now already for five years I am retired.  My wife overcame a serious illness and today we are living our old age with occasional visits from children as well as grandchildren. – Our daughter, Ella, is married and lives in East Islip, and son, Harry, also married, is living in the northern part of the state of New York. – Whenever our Amerikán comes my wife and I share it, since it is truly a pleasure to read and since the correspondence and editorial staff are always trying to make it as good as possible.   We have been subscribed to the journal for a number of years already.”

For the Kalendář Amerikán edited by Charles Lux


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