Czech Genealogy: Amerikán Národní Kalendář Translations Available from Onward To Our Past®

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Rare, hard to find, and often literally disintegrating, the 79 years of Amerikán Národní Kalendář have lain almost forgotten in a variety of locations across the United States and beyond its borders.  The fact these priceless volumes were only published in Czech I am sure contributed to their disappearance and made many who discovered them not understand their full value and meaning to those who treasure Czech genealogy, culture, history, and Czech-American immigration.

Just a few years ago, Onward To Our Past® Genealogy & History Services Company made the decision to begin a major effort to find, catalog, and best of all, translate, as many of the articles and sections of these marvelous annual journals.

To date, we have translated 42 sections and/or articles from these volumes, as well as several additional unique Czech-language resources, into English and provided them online to scholars and researchers everywhere for free!

Best of all they are all right here on our website — and as we said for FREE!

The following is a list of our Amerikán Národní Kalendář translations to date:


TABLES OF CONTENTS from Amerikán Národní Kalendář:























ARTICLES TRANSLATED from Amerikán Národní Kalendář (by year of publication):


1878, “Brief Statistics from Czech Settlers Across America”

1878, “Cleveland and its Czechs”


1879, “Allegheny – Pittsburgh”


1881, “Czech Settlements in Minnesota and Their Settlers”


1881, “Experiences of one Czech in the Mexican War”


1881, “Brief Statistics of Settlements, Towns, and Places in the United States Inhabited by Czechs”


1881, “Where to Settle in America”


1886, “History of the town of Veselý”


1886, “From Experiences of American Czechs”


1891, “Descriptions of Some Czech Settlements in America”


1892, “The Story of Jan Neruda”


1894, “Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America”


1895, “History of the First Czechs in Cleveland”


1895, “Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America”


1896, “American Czechs and the Czech Ethnographic Exposition”


1897, “11th Congress of Č.S.P.S. held in St. Paul”


1898, “Bohemian National Hall, Cleveland, Ohio”


1898, “Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America”


1899, “The Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America”


1904, “The Memories of Czech Settlers in America”


1912, “Biography of Hugo Chotek”


1920, “The Story of Jan Kříž”


1921, “František Korbel”



Non-Amerikán Národní Kalendář Translations on Onward To Our Past®:


1895, Hugo Chotek 192 page book


Several works on Czech language in America by Monsignor Dudek


Americans at the Prague Czech Ethnographic Exhibition in 1895


The 1895 Perun Census of Czechs in Cleveland, Ohio


Dozens of newspaper article translations


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