Complete!  Our story about the wonderful, but little remembered, Czech cookbook from 1896, its chef, Emanuel Beránek, his obituary and life’s story from the 1921 edition of the wonderful Czech-American journal Amerikán Národní Kalendář, plus a brief biography of the fabulous Czech sculptor, Mario Josef Korbel, is complete!

And as our readers have requested, now we bring you our entire story in one piece here in pdf and also on the Academia.edu site.

Right below you will see the pdf of our story, which was originally titled “Czech Genealogy & Culture: An Exclusive Translation and Classic 1896 Czech Cookbook”.  We have added some new information, details, and perhaps best of all, photographs to go along with the story!

We know you will enjoy this far reaching story, which stretches from Bohemia to America and to Cuba, and from New York to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and a few other stops along the way.  It also spans the time from 1896, when this very special Czech cookbook was printed to the 1950s!  Quite a span!

We bring you the story of this Czech cookbook, the story of its Czech author, chef, and businessman, Emanuel Beránek, and the Czech sculptor, Mario Korbel.

It is a wonderful story and one we know you will learn from and greatly enjoy!

Just hover your cursor over the pdf below and you will have a footer bar appear.  This will give you the ability to go from page to page right here within our site and not have to move back and forth.

If you prefer, you can also read this piece, along with several of our other translations on the Academia.edu site by clicking here for our papers.

Tomorrow we begin an all new set of translations, which we know you will find fascinating and quite different!

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