Our fabulous 1850s story from Czech-American author, Hugo Chotek, continues today as we bring you an all new installment of “Three Christmases” from the 1921 edition of the amazing Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

Today we witness more of the lives and times of these hardy and determined immigrants to America.  One wonders if they perhaps longed for being back in Moravia at times.


Amerikán Národní Kalendář

Volume: XLIV, Year: 1921, Pages 154-168

Trojí vánoce


A Page from the Lives of American Czechs from the Fifties

Written by Hugo Chotek

Translated by Layne Pierce and Mila Saskova-Pierce

©Onward To Our Past®

              “The weather, meanwhile changed somewhat.  Even though the skies were still clear, the air was quite hot and heavy as lead, so that a person was sweating doing nothing.  After the third hour there appeared on the north horizon a black dot that was approaching and growing with an unbelievable speed.  At the same time there was rustling, and a roaring sound from the north, as if it were the noise of thousands of mighty wings that increased in intensity and grew with every second.  Suddenly a freezing wind started to blow, the skies turned black and like a swarm of demons, blew in a fierce, wild storm and it overturned or chased in front of itself everything that was in its way.  The thermometer immediately dropped below the freezing point.  The storm was so fierce that it bent enormous trees as if they were reeds, and was shaking the structure like sugar cane.  The beginning soft rain like dew immediately turned into ice and the grass, and the herbs and the trees offered a fascinating view.  It seemed that every blade of grass had shining pearls and the leaves of grass as well as the small twigs and branches of the trees looked as if they were encased in crystal  wrapping.

Can you identify these tracks? I bet our Czechs in this story could!

Can you identify these tracks? I bet our Czechs in this story could!

The intensity of the storm and the unexpectedly severe cold that got into the bones, and the roar of the storm and the horrible rustling of the wind, and the sudden impenetrable darkness frightened somewhat Bláha and his family who had not been expecting anything like it.  When, however, the first blow was over, that is when the storm stopped in its insane flight, to take respite, and when in the following daylight, for a moment, they perceived around them the shining intensity of the icy pearls and diamonds on the blades of grass and saw the trees in their crystal wrapping, they could not do otherwise than to admire the magnificence of nature which is the most magnificent, precisely in its strange exceptions.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it right now, and if I would not have experienced it,” said Bláha.  “And what about now, will it be once again warm and pleasant, like it was this morning?”

“Oh no,” Lešovský laughed.  “In a moment we will get the second edition, which will be somewhat rougher than the first one.  Now it is only that the windy lady has taken a rest, so that she would not choke.”

“And will it last long?”

“Usually for about three days and three nights, and then we have acceptable weather for a longer period of time.”

The forecast of Lešovský was fulfilled, since in a short time the storm roared up again with renewed speed, which, nevertheless, did not stop our friends in their preparations for the day’s Holy Eve, and did not stand in the way of their merry conversation.

After five o’clock in spite of the blizzard the family Černý showed up, led by father Skřivánek, who knew every inch of this ground, so that he could walk on it with his eyes closed.  –

It was now that the true merriment started since Kačenka and Jiřík Černý had energetic and merry spirits and did not have far to go for a joke or a funny retort.”

Tomorrow our story continues for you right here!  Only from Onward To Our Past®.  We are your best resource for the amazing stories and biographies found for early Czechs in America translated to English from Amerikán Národní Kalendář!



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