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Amerikán Národní Kalendář

VOLUME: I, YEAR: 1878, Pages 118-127

Published by August Geringer, Chicago, Illinois

Translated by Layne Pierce and Dr. Mila Saskova-Pierce

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“From the Biographies of Czech Editors in America”

František Boleslav Zdrůbek

1878 Zdrubek from Capek

            “He studied assiduously and especially researched the holy writs. In addition, he was especially thankful for the lectures of Professor Schultz, which led for him to the strengthening of the rules of free research of religious sciences. 

            From there he left, having been sent to America, where he arrived on the 12th of May 1867 to serve the spiritual needs of Czechoslavs.  He espoused his calling in the widest possible meaning of the word, and having accepted the ordination of the Reformed Church on October of 1867 from the classes at Sheboygan and having rejected two German parishes, he settled in Caledonia by Racine, Wis. to serve two churches of the Czech-Moravian Brethren, founded by him, and that was one in Caledonia, and one in Chicago.  Every fourteen days he would travel to Chicago.  The Synod promised to pay for these journeys and he was promised $130 per year from each church for his services. 

            His principle was to preach the purity of morality and love, honesty in all dealings, and national consciousness.  He did not shy away from excluding the dogmatic church fundamentals and those who encroach on conscious morality, love, and general progress, and he reconciled science with religion as far as was possible; and, where impossible, he espoused science.  The religious administration of the Synod, even though it knew his views, was tolerant of them, since it was in favor of freedom of thought, and tolerant, it did not put any barriers in his path, however, it was worse with the church members who were not used to freer views.

             Besides numerous friends in both churches, he also made enemies.  At that time he renewed the Czech school in Caledonia where he taught during the winter, and rehearsed national singing with them.  The success of the children was outstanding. 

            Meanwhile, in Chicago, Mr. K. Jonáš founded a Free-Thinking periodical “Progress” [Pokrok] of which Mr. Jos. Pastor was the editor.   Zdrůbek contributed the “Haná Region Letters” to it, which were tendentious.  After the year 1868 Mr. Pastor left the “Progress” [Pokrok], and the periodical moved into Racine and Zdrůbek, in spite of his distaste for public life, was pressured to take over the editorship, which he did, even more consciously, since he saw that he would not support himself as a preacher, if he did not want to take over some low trade in the church and religious extortion, and since he was leaving it to everybody’s good will as to how much they wanted to contribute to the church. He did not receive even two thirds of his little salary, and out of that he had to pay for the journeys on the railroad to Chicago, so the parish priesthood did not pay off.  He took over the editorship of the “Progress” [Pokrok] and he stopped going to Chicago; however, he stayed in the service of the church in Caledonia, and he stayed with the periodical. 

Josef Sladek

Josef Sládek

            On the 1st of August, his friend and classmate Mr. Josef Sládek, now a professor in Prague, brought his betrothed Linda Raišlová to him from Prague, and the wedding took place that same day in Racine during the presence of the majority of the local national countrymen.”  

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