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1934 ANK Cover page

We completed the entire translation of the truly amazing story of the Halas family in early Arizona as told to us by Frank Halas through the pages of the 1934 edition of the marvelous Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

One of the most remarkable aspects of the articles and stories, which August Geringer and Sons published over the seventy-nine year continuous years’ run of Amerikán Národní Kalendář, is the wonderful details included in each!  Each story goes far beyond the simple facts and figures you find in so many resources for your Czech genealogy.  Sure, a Census record might tell you names and an address, but rarely home village, family marriages, movements within the United States over a lifetime, children, occupations, and a myriad of details about life in the “Old Country” before arriving in the U.S.  Each of these stories is a fabulous lesson in Czech ancestry we each can learn from and appreciate!

And don’t just take my word for it.

Professor Emeritus Karel D. Bicha, History, Marquette University, praises Amerikán Národní Kalendář with these words: “The reminiscences in Amerikán constitute a major body of primary material concerning Czech immigrants in United States.” (The Czechs in Wisconsin History).

Plus in his most recent book, Czech American Bibliography, Czech expert, author, and researcher, Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr., refers to Amerikán Národní Kalendář as “such a splendid source of ‘Czech Americana,’ a special effort was made to list many of its articles in the relevant sections of this bibliography.”

The praise goes on from many others such as well!

So as we continue with our project to translate as many of the original Czech stories from Amerikán Národní Kalendář we can, we came across a very special article in the 1934 edition.

Titled “From the Memories of Old Czech Settlers in America” it is one of what you could almost call a ‘regular feature’ in each addition.  At least it was in the first several decades until those ‘Old Czech Settlers’ died off.

One of the sub-sections of this article was another spectacular story and one from an area of the United States not normally associate with early Czechs, the Arizona Territory.  Titled “A Quarter of a Century of Farming in Arizona” it gives an amazing look at the lives and times of Czechs who make the decision to settle in that area of the Southwestern United States.

Over the past few weeks we have been providing our readers and fans with this story in installments for easy reading, but now, inasmuch as we have completed those installments we bring you the entire, exclusive English translation right here in pdf!

All you have to do is allow your cursor to hover over the page below and a footer bar will appear.  This footer bar will offer you the ability to move through the full, eight-page article right here!


We trust you will find this article as enjoyable and fascinating as we did as we read, translated, and posted it!

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