Our exclusive translation of the 1921 story of the life and times of the famous Bohemian, František Korbel, who went on to create the still famous F. Korbel & Brothers Winery, is now available in pdf for your reading and studying pleasure!

When first published in the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář (Volume XLIV), this article ran for 19 pages (264-283).  Once we had translated it to English with the wonderful assistance of our master Moravian translator, Martin Pytr, our posting took nine installments for us to put it on our site for our fans and readers.

Now we are pleased to be able to provide this entire translation in pdf for your reading and studying.

Here it is!

All you have to do is click on the above, which is the first page, and you have the whole article all in one place as a pdf!  Once the pdf opens, just tap on it once and a footer bar will appear so you can read this whole article as you click through all the pages of this wonderful translation right here.

Now you can see the entire article as one unified posting and not have to click through all nine of our posts in our original series on this article.

There is a ton of wonderful information in this story, which isn’t included on any other site, even the Korbel site itself, which if you are over 21 you can see that site by clicking here.

I, for one, have been drinking Korbel California champagne for decades and remember it well from it being a mainstay in my father’s liquor cabinet before that, but it was not until I accidentally came across a mention of František and his wines in this translation that I connected the dots back to Bohemia!  Now his champagne and wines have a very special place in my wine cooler and my heart!

The story of this amazing Bohemian is one we believe should be far better known than it is.  Not only was Korbel a devoted Czech patriot, but he was also a “forty-eight’er”, as well as, at the time, the most successful of all the Czechs in America in terms of his business empire.

His name lives on in his vineyards and products, now we need to be sure more folks know he hails from the wonderful lands of the Czechs!

We hope you enjoy this version of our exclusive translation.  Please be kind and leave us a comment on how you find this pdf and its readability.

Thank you from Onward To Our Past®










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