Here it is!  Originally 26 published pages in the 1934 edition of the wonderful Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář, we bring you, in pdf, the only English translation of the same article, which consists of a whopping 43 typewritten pages!  It is a marvelous story of the lives and times, the dreams, stuggles, successes and failures of early Czech immigrants across North America — all in just this one translation.

1934 ANK Cover page

From Canada to Arizona and from Missouri to Wisconsin plus points in-between, we are treated to rare, insightful, and personal stories of what life was like for our Czech compatriot ancestors.  This marvelous article is comprised of nine sub-stories!  Each one is a treasure-trove of personal insights and details of Czech-Americans’ lives.

Shoemakers, inventors, newspapermen, masons, farmers, and much more!  Over 100 Czech surnames in this article alone, with 52 in one sub-story alone!  This is one of our best and due to its length we took weeks to publish all the stories.  After all, 43 pages covers a LOT, plus you can add in some tremendous period photographs and illustrations and you have a marvelous translation!

Today we are pleased, as we said, to be bringing you the entire article, all 43 pages, 26,270 words, including an index of the 52 Czech surnames in the Caledonia article alone, as one document in pdf.  As we have noted in our other posts, our readers enjoy the short posts on a daily basis to follow, but then also requested the document be available to read and study as one combined translation.  So here it is — right below!

All you have to do is hover your cursor over the first page and a footer bar will appear.  This will give you options for moving page to page and through the stories.


As we said, this is one of our largest and most detailed translations to date so we know you will enjoy and learn from it!

Now stay with Onward To Our Past® Genealogy & History Services Company for more exclusive translations yet to come!  Here’s a hint — they start right away tomorrow!

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