Czech Genealogy: Leo Baca to the rescue   Every once in a great while someone does something truly phenomenal, not just outstanding, but truly phenomenal, in the field of genealogy[...]
It wasn’t knedlíky and zelí, but Ray Kroc, with his Czech roots, made his name in food I doubt there is an American alive today who doesn’t know the name of the mastermind of McDon[...]
Knedlíky Terminology for the Colossal Knedlíky! ◾ knedlíky – dumpling staple of Bohemia and the Czech Republic, plural ◾ knedl – singular form of knedlíky ◾ ovocné kned[...]
The Czech King: The Colossal Knedlíky If you have Bohemian (Czech) ancestry, there is a very good chance you love potatoes!  While this vegetable is often times referred to as ‘low[...]
So where do we begin?  Do we start with the story of Beránek’s life first or do we begin with the cookbook?  Decisions, decisions!   Well, that was an easy one!  We will start[...]
Czech Genealogy & Culture: An Exclusive Translation and a Classic 1896 Czech Cookbook   Food and family history!  A combination that goes together like bacon and eggs or k[...]
Here we are!  As our readers have requested, once we complete an installment presentation of one of our works here on Onward To Our Past® we provide it here in its totality. Our mo[...]
Czech Genealogy: What do you know of The Great Czech ’48’ers? Today we complete our original research and writing on the great Bohemian revolutionaries of the 1848 Prag[...]
Czech Genealogy: What do you know of The Great Bohemian ’48’ers? Today we continue with more of The Great Bohemian ’48’ers as noted by the amazingly success[...]
Our eagle-eyed translator from our team on this project, Martin Pytr, noticed these names and noticed something even more interesting for us.  While some were noted in public refer[...]