Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the Memo Pad on your smart phone!
The other day I was in a cemetery and came across a headstone that I wanted to make notes about.  I grabbed at my shirt pocket and lo and behold …. my pen and trusty 3×5 cards that ALWAYS reside there … had fallen out someplace.
I retraced a few steps, but to no avail.  GONE!
I was bummed out …. I wanted to note the location in the cemetery, make a few comments about it, etc.
Then I recalled the Memo Pad on my smart phone!  I quickly opened my phone up and went to the Memo Pad there.
I began a new note and kept all the comments, etc. that I wanted while they were fresh in my mind!  Saved!
Now, I still carry those old 3×5 cards everyday.  Some habits are hard to break …. but I now make all my notes on my Memo Pad in my phone, especially since they sync to my computer when I get home, so I have them two places!  
Maybe this tip will help you out one day when you are caught short without your able pencil and pad!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Claudia's Genealogy Blog Reply

    Great idea. I am sure there is one on my droid but I have never used it. I do use the camera to record things and them write them down when I get home.

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