Today’s Tip: As genealogists and family historians, we have a responsibility to CARE, SHARE and TEACH!

First, we must CARE! Care about the quality of the research we accomplish. Care about the ancestors that our data reflect. Care about preserving memories, stories, photos, heirlooms, and information. If we don’t Care, we won’t produce a quality family tree or family history.

Second, we must SHARE! I am the first to admit I am not a big fan of just throwing my information out into Cyb space for anybody to bastardize or cannibalize. I don’t fancy a day of one huge tree for all person-kind. That said, I do believe that as genealogists and family historians we do have an obligation to share what we do, what we learn, and what we accomplish with those who have a stake in our work. Most often, this means ‘family’! We need to be sure to get our information and our passion out to every member of our families so they can learn, know, and hopefully appreciate their ancestry even more!

Third, we must TEACH! Trees are living things! We must take pains to insure that our tree does not turn into an inert stump. This means, as we go along in our work, research, and learning, we must teach those around us what we know and have learned. We must prepare to someday pass the torch, with an undimmed light, to those who follow us! That cannot be accomplished without teaching those who we hope to hand our family torch off to.

So remember. As you go about your research, your ancestors, and your learning that we must CARE, SHARE, and TEACH.

Our ancestors deserve no less!Onward To Our Past,

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