Here we are!  As our readers have requested, once we complete an installment presentation of one of our works here on Onward To Our Past® we provide it here in its totality.

Our most current work was a follow-up to our exclusive translation of the 1921 article from the Czech-American annual journal, Amerikán Národní Kalendář, which was an obituary and life’s story of the amazing Czech immigrant and later Czech-American entrepreneur, František Korbel.

If you missed this series of our translation of František Korbel you can click here to read it and catch up.

František Korbel, while becoming famous for his vineyards that continue to produce California-style champagne to this day (F. Korbel & Bros.) was also a Czech patriot who fought at the barricades of Prague in the 1848 Revolution against the tyranny of the Austro-Hungarian and Holy Roman Empire.

In his story, Korbel mentions, by name, several of his compatriots who were also fighters in the 1848 Revolution.

In the process of our translating this article from its original Czech, our translation team member, Martin Pytr, caught the fact that several of these forty’eight’ers were not written up in English.  So Martin jumped in, did the research and we have now included this original research on our site.  This article also included links to those who Korbel mentions who were already written up.

So without further ado, below is the article on The Great Bohemian ’48’ers!

We hope you enjoy this article and continue to follow us here as we continue in our efforts to provide exclusive translations form the Czech genealogy, history, and cultural treasure-trove that is Amerikán Národní Kalendář!

Tomorrow we begin an all new series!  What will it include?  What treasures lay in store for those of us who love our Czech genealogy, history, and culture? 

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