Czech Genealogy and History — Amerikán Národní Kalendář!  Four Have Been Found — Only One Missing – Do You Have 1890?

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In the January/February 2016 issue of Czech Slavnosti (page 3) you read our article “Wanted: Amerikán Národní Kalendář”.  This article explained our quest to locate at least one copy of every one of the seventy-nine annual editions of the priceless Czech cultural, historic, and genealogically important Amerikán Národní Kalendář, which were published from 1878 to 1957.

Today I am happy to report some great news on this front!  We have had some significant success in locating copies of the missing editions we reported on!

We have discovered four of the five missing years!  One copy of the 1885 edition has been reported in a private collection in the great state of New Mexico.  Copies of the 1880, 1883, and 1888 editions have been located in the library of the Minnesota Historical Society.  Two of the copies in Minnesota are complete (1880 and 1888), while the 1883 edition is incomplete, but not by much.

This means we now know of 78 of the 79 annual editions of Amerikán Národní Kalendář.  For a magazine printed on pulp paper akin to newsprint, that is an impressive achievement.


There is still one edition missing.  Can you guess what year that would be for?

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I’ll give you a hint:  “If you are a genealogist or family historian, what year’s U.S. Census makes you crazy?”  Answer: The missing 1890 Census of course!  And guess what?  Our only remaining missing edition of Amerikán Národní Kalendář is from that same infernal year – 1890!

1890 quarter

According to the publisher, August Geringer himself, each edition of Amerikán Národní Kalendář was “several thousands” sent to “American readers and as well as readers abroad”.  According to Professor, Czech historian, and author, Clinton Machann, at its peak in 1913 this distribution was over 40,000.  That is a lot of copies!

Now, where, oh where, could one, single, solitary edition of that precious 1890 edition be hiding?

So I renew our plea:  Check your local library, your local historical society, your neighborhood museum, your state museums and societies, and those boxes your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, or you inherited that are sitting in your attic or basement!

Who will be the lucky one to be able to say they found 1890?

So help us out…we can use all the help we can get!

We hope it will be YOU who finds the rarest of the rare — the 1890 edition of Amerikán Národní Kalendář!


A Genealogical Historian, who is focused on family history and genealogy of the highest quality, but with a dose of fun. Avid about documentation and evidence. Loves helping folks of all levels in their genealogy pursuits, especially in the areas of Bohemia, Czech Republic, Italy, Cornwall, Kent, United Kingdom, U.S. Immigration and Cleveland, Ohio.
  1. Anonymous Reply

    Scott, The Research Library in Olomouc, CR says they have the missing 1890 and 1883 issues of the Amerikán Národní Kalendář annual!

    Vědecká knihovna v Olomouci
    Knihovna Náprstkova muzea, která má v republice ojedinělou sbírku krajanských tiskovin, vlastní následující Geringerem vydaná periodika: . . . kalendář Amerikán (1878-1949, 1957).

    Dan U.

    • Scott Phillips Reply

      Unfortunately, Dan, the Research Library in Olomouc do have some copies of Amerikan Národní Kalendar, but after speaking with them, they do not have the elusive 1890 edition! They have a few — 1922, 1925, 1928, 1934, and 1938, but nothing more.

      Our search continues!

  2. Scott Phillips Reply

    Thanks Dan,

    After checking with the library they do not have that year. They have a few, but only in the 1920 decade,

    Thanks though!

    • Anonymous Reply

      Oh Sorry, their website says they have 1878-1949, and 1957.

      • Scott Phillips Reply

        No problem! Seems there is a mix up between the online info and what they physically have in the library! Not unusual, unfortunately 🙂

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