Recently I have been ‘chasing’ a first cousin from Bohemia across the United States.  This elusive fellow, Frantisek Knechtl, was a tough one for me to trace and prove.  Finally proved his parents and marriage.  That took me from Horni Ptice, Bohemia across the ocean and landed me in Iowa — then ran me across the Midwest to North Dakota.

It has been a fun trip and there have been some terrific new discoveries as I have learned about this branch of the family.

Now I have come across a wonderful organization as I worked on this and wanted to share it, just in case you did not know them.

The organization is in Protivin, Iowa and is the Czech Heritage Partnership.  They can be found at http://www.czechheritagepartnership.org.

I fell in love with them when I read their homepage and saw their purpose statement:

Czech – The ethnicity of our core territory is predominantly Bohemian.

Heritage – Our purpose is the preservation and promotion of our collective cultural legacy.

Partnership – We believe in cooperative efforts with persons and organizations of like mind.

How can you not love an organization that focuses like that and is SO open to partnerships!

As I got into their website I found a wonderfully committed group of folks who know they stuff and are most willing to help!

This is also not some moribund group, rather they are very active and doing it right!

They have a wonderful effort at documenting the history and heritage of the people and the area.

They are operate the Family History and Documents Center as a project of the CHP.  They are the GO TO organization for Bohemian history in Northeast Iowa!  What a treasure and what a treasure that they are doing it so well!

The mission of the Family History and Documents Center is:

“To gather, preserve, and make available the picture (pictorial) and text (written) record of the immigration, settlement, life – education, religion, professions, work, and such – and the progress of the Bohemian and Moravian areas of Northeast Iowa, consisting primarily of the core areas of Winneshiek, Howard, and Chickasaw Counties and the bordering and adjacent counties and including such other ethnic information as is integrally linked and such information from other areas where there is strong and meaningful relevance to the core area.
Note: This Project is an archive for information not a museum for objects.”

DO you see the last line!  Do you LOVE it as much as I do?  WOW!  I am so impressed and so happy.  This means they are as interested in the culture, fabric, and people as the things!  COOL!

Membership is only $10 a year.  A bargain — and hard to beat!  Needless to say, my sawbuck went in the mail right away.

I can hardly wait to get to Protivin to meet these folks!

Proactive in Protivin for certain!


Onward To Our Past,


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