As I am sure you all have, I just came across quite a conumdrum on this family line from Bohemia that I have been chasing from North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Oklahoma! 

I have been receiving the documentation I requested on this family and it is coming in a flood!  That is a good thing, but I there is so much gold in them thar hills, whoops I mean documents, I must force myself to slow down and not rush the data entry, proving them out, etc.

So I was much confused (not a surprise for me to be confused, I asssure you) at two obituaries that were among the documents I got.  I received the obituary for my ancestor and the obituary for his second wife.  Still struggling to find anything of substance on the first wife earlier in his life.  He didn’t marry the second wife until he was 69, so I can count out a second family I do believe.

As I said, my ancestor was married twice.  In his second wife’s obiturary there was a listing for her daughter.  In my direct ancestor’s obituary there was listed the same woman as HIS daughter, but with the added note that her daughter was his granddaughter.  WHAT?  Why this double listing of the same person?  Why the note of the one granddaughter? 

I worked this question over and over.  Each time I could not understand it and started to believe that it was just a mistake.  Perhaps the family did not know who this daughter was really related to. 

I always work to achieve double or triple proof of the ‘facts’ I find, so I was delighted when a couple days later I got copies of some death certificates I had ordered from the State of North Dakota.

In rolled two of these certificates … I am still waiting on several more, but these did the trick!

They were all right in part …. it was just a family relationship that the obituary writers could not quite figure out how to say properly — and I don’t think either can I!  🙂

It turns out that the daughter was the daughter of the second wife, so that was a proper listing in the wife’s obituary.

It turns out that the granddaughter who was referenced actually was the granddaughter of my male ancestor, it was just that she married the son of the second wife’s daughter and her husband!

Got it? 

Thank goodness those North Dakotans were good record keepers!

What fun this is!

Enjoy your Saturday and now ….

Onward To Our Past,


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