As is our custom, after we have completed an article we first published here on the Onward To Our Past® Genealogy & History Services Company website, we combine all those installments and provide the article in one full article.

This is what we are proud to bring you today!  It is our exclusive look at the history (or genealogy if you will) of the Czech ‘king’ — the Colossal Knedlíky!

If you are like us here at Onward To Our Past® you love food, love the history of food, and love the stories of how these foods fit into the culture of our ancestors as well as our current lives!

So it is with the marvelous Czech food, knedlíky!

Our first installment brought you the story of knedlíky and gave some general history and background to this integral Czech food.

Our second installment brought you a much more detailed history and a section on proper knedlíky terminology!

Perhaps the most important aspect of knedlíky to remember is the fact there are multiple varieties of this marvelous food.  One is not ‘right’ and one is not ‘wrong’.  One is not ‘proper’ and one is not ‘improper’.  They are all knedlíky and ones views on this are often formed from which variety we ate in our youth!

Below you will find our full “The Czech ‘King’ — The Colossal Knedlíky” in pdf for you to read, enjoy, and hopefully learn from as well!

Simply hover your cursor over the first page and a footer will appear at the bottom of the page so you can move from page to page, back and forth, etc.

So….get your appetite ready and dig into the Czech ‘king’!  The Colossal Knedlíky!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know!

We always enjoy hearing from our readers!

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