Czech Culture, History, Food, and Family: Knedlíky and the Work of Dr. Haldis Haukanes

During my research for our recent series on knedlíky (if you missed it you can read it simply by clicking here) I made the acquaintance of Dr. Haldis Haukanes.

Dr. Haldis Haukanes

Dr. Haldis Haukanes

Dr. Haukanes is a Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Development at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway.

As we researched one of our deepest Czech loves, knedlíky, we not only came across the work of Dr. Haukanes, but she was more than willing to offer us advice, insight, and access to several of her papers she has written that touch on, or focus on, Czech foods, Czech cultural and family as they relate to foods, traditional Czech foods, as well as changes in Czech culture, which can be seen in foods and family.  I found her work wonderful, enjoyable, and written is a style very comfortable to the reader — not always something found in academic papers.

Dr, Haukanes has written extensively and for those of us who love Czech culture, history, food, etc. we are lucky and all the richer for this.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Haukanes for her work as well as her help in our research and writing on the Czech wonder-food, knedlíky!

During our research one of Dr. Haukanes’ papers we read and enjoyed was one titled “AMBIVALENT TRADITIONS:  TRANSFORMING GENDER SYMBOLS AND FOOD PRACTICES IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC”.  This paper was published in 2003 in the Anthropology of East Europe Review journal.  When searching for this paper online, I discovered it was available, but always found it behind paywalls.  Undeterred I bought a copy and found I enjoyed reading it as much as I expected and learned from it as well.

Now the good news for you, our readers of Onward To Our Past®!

Dr. Haukanes has agreed to allow us to offer her paper right here for you to read, enjoy, and learn from!

So here it is!  Right below this line!  And all you have to do is let your cursor hover over the page and utilize the footer bar, which will appear!

So enjoy this wonderful paper and read more about the Colossal knedlíky and the culture and changes occurring around food, cooking, and home life in the Czech Republic today.

It is wonderful material and again we offer our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Haukanes for allowing us the necessary permissions to share her work right here!

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