Announcing the next Family History Recipe à la Genealogy! Here we go!  I am pleased to announce that the Family Heritage Food and Recipe Page of Onward To Our Past® is live and ava[...]
Father’s Day and Genealogy! This weekend is Father’s Day here in the States.  Genealogy and Father’s Day just go together SO well of course …. just like Gen[...]
If you follow Onward To Our Past on our Facebook page (Click here) you know we all have been talking about family history, genealogy and FOOD!  Particularly family recipes. Often f[...]
I said things would be different! I don’t know about you, but food is pretty intricately woven into my family history!  Ever since my childhood two of very very favorite food[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget to record what is hot, or cold for that matter, as in what folks like to drink! When I was growing up, my folks loved to host family gatherin[...]
Today’s Tip:  To get results don’t forget to use a fork in your research. I figure whoever invented the folk had a reason for putting all those tines on it.  [...]
Today’s Tip:  Plan your holiday attacks early! My favorite holiday is coming up!  Thanksgiving!  I love this holiday since it is non-commercial and focuses on [...]