Today’s Tip:  Plan your holiday attacks early!
My favorite holiday is coming up!  Thanksgiving!  I love this holiday since it is non-commercial and focuses on our blessings, family, and friends.
So I start to plan my attack on the holiday early!  Both personally and genealogically!
Personally, I begin inviting folks and plannig our day and our feast.
Genealogically, I begin reminding family that they should share stories, share photos, and TAKE photos at their Thanksgiving gatherings!  AND they should email them to me for the family tree and website!  
I beg them to take pictures!  I remind them to take pictures!  I even try a bit of guilt to get them to take pictures!  I ask them to record their traditions.  I beg them to record their memories and share them with the site.
I do this early and often (kind of like voting in Chicago 🙂 so they do not forget, and in the hubbub of the holiday they will recall my request to take that photo, record that story, share that memory!
I would love to be at every Thanksgiving table, but I can’t …. so I ask this of all of my relatives each year.  
We all get super busy, so an early reminder ….. and then follow-ups serve me well!
Enjoy your planning and remember Thanksgiving is only 51 days away!
Onward To Our Past,

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