Today’s Tip:  To get results don’t forget to use a fork in your research.
I figure whoever invented the folk had a reason for putting all those tines on it.  Rather than a knife or a spoon, the fork was make to be able to stab something from multiple places.  This, I also figure, was done to be more successful in getting a bit of food from the plate to your mouth.  Over the years, this neat little invention has stood the test of time.  
Now, I suggest you use a fork in your genealogy research.  Don’t approach a difficult situation or brick wall from just one angle.  Pull out your fork and go at it from three or four or five!  
While a frontal assault might work, there are also ways that could work that are flanking movements … in-law’s, siblings, Aunts and Uncles!  There are maps to be studied.  Perhaps City Directories.  Funeral records.  Probate deeds.  And of course one of my favorites, newspapers!
So remember, to get the best results, it often takes a fork.  Multiple points of attack to get the morsel you are seeking!
Onward To Our Past,

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