I love Thanksgiving and I love genealogy.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all and I call genealogy ‘my sweetest passion’.

They are a match made for each other!

They are both about tradition, family, and appreciation.

While I pursue genealogy all year long, when Thanksgiving rolls around, I am as happy as a pig in mud!

The holiday means I will get to see family, reach out to family a bit more than usual, and hold them all dear in my thoughts and prayers.

Genealogy has brought my understanding of family to an incredible new depth and it really burns in my heart and soul at Thanksgiving!

As we gather around our tables this year, I will set a certain number (appears to be a fluid number but around 18) of places at the tables, but I know my home will be far more crowded than that with the spirits of all those who have gone before and will come after, but due to my work, all will know about!  I can feel it already!  I really can!

May your Thanksgiving home be bursting at the seams too this holiday!

Onward To Our Past,


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