Today’s Tip:  When you head starts to swim ….. do laps in a different pool!

Today I was deeply involved in a surname I had been working on for the week.  I had ordered all the documents I could and I was in a holding pattern waiting for them, but as I got excited, I started to spread out my looking …. and started to bounce around a bit on this common surname and generations of similar given names.  Pretty soon I was confusing one fellow from the 1700’s with a like-named fellow from the later 1800’s.  I was doubting my early work, until I went back and saw the documentation.  Still I plowed on ….. pretty soon my head was awash with names, places, dates, and nothing was clear!

I realized I was pushing too hard!  I needed to step back and swim in a different pool for awhile and wait for those crucial documents to arrive in the coming days and weeks.  

So as tough as it was, I put my notebooks aside.  I saved that portion of the tree, and I moved on.

I have found that when the old noggin starts to swim, I may be in too deep for personal reasons and I need to come up for air and begin to work a different line for awhile.  

I picked a different need in my tree and began working on different names, new place names, and in this case a different century.  It became fresh again, the brain cleared and I was far more productive.

So, I will hold off …. no matter how hard …. on that first line until I get those documents I know I need to move on a quality basis back a generation!  

The time will be well spent elsewhere and when I do attack again, it will be with a clear head, good focus, and new data!

So remember, when the head begins to swim ….. swim in a different gene pool!

Onward To Our Past,

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