Today’s Tip:  Don’t ever forget a little prayer of thanks can always be in order!

Personally I have a very strong faith, however I am not one for all the trappings and dogma of much of the formal church stuctures around.  So I tend to do my praying in places I find graceful, peaceful, and holy to me.  It may put off others, but it works for me.

So today I was praying outdoors.  I was in a stand of pines.  A gentle breeze blowing and I could hear the sound of the waves on the shore of Lake Michigan a block away.  It is a spot that if I get there before dawn and sit quietly and long enough, I often get a visit from a few whitetail deer that walk through.  I can hear nature all around and I find peace and, for me, a good place to open my soul.

So this morning I was there, in this spot that beings me peace and I did some praying.
Between you and me, it has not been an easy time lately, so these times of prayer are particularly important and meditation are precious and important to me.

Be that as it may, I always pray in thanks as I have a lot to be thankful for.  One of the thoughts that came into my conciousness was that I am really thankful for my ancestors, all they did, and how I have discovered so much richness in my life as a result of theirs.  I also realized that I needed to say thanks for all the wonderful folks out there who touch my life as a result of genealogy. The huge majority of them are sterling, wonderful, caring and helpful folks who go the extra mile time and time again!  What a blessing all by itself!

So …. as you spend your Sunday today … be sure to thank those around you who enrich yoru life ….. in what ever manner you choose.  

Onward To Our Past,

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