Today’s Tip:  Look at your genealogy work as a ‘sacred trust’, not as an ode to your ego.

In my world (and I know it may not be the same elsewhere) I have very few things that I acknowledge as sacred trusts in my life.

One is my wife’s love and our marriage.

One is to raise my children to be the best adults they can be.

One is to keep my faith.


One is my genealogy work.

WHAT?  I can hear some folks saying this.  Love, marriage, children, faith and then you have the audacity to put in genealogy?

You bet I do!  Here’s why:

My genealogy work is all about my ancestors and not at all about me.  This is contrary to some folks who view genealogy as an ode to their ego, where their genealogy work is all about THEM and not truly about their ancestry.

I believe that genealogy must toe the lines of documentation, sources, and quality.  Not simply something that is slapped together with equal parts myth, undocumented conveniences, and a purpose that focuses on bringing one some perceived ego trip, plaudits, or self-aggrandizement.  

To me, accurately and fully documenting my ancestry and that of my greater family is truly a sacred trust, because I must do it with the honor, integrity, and truth that each and every ancestor before me is commanding me to have — and that is a lot!

I cannot disrespect my ancestors by posting untruths.  I cannot disrespect my elders by perpetrating falsehoods.  I cannot leave holes, where hard work might fill them.  Too many family members shed blood, sweat, and tears in order for me to be here today …. I owe them this and I view it as truly a sacred trust I keep with them.  

So … when the times get tough.  The path rocky, unsure, and distant …. keep the faith and keep that sacred trust with your ancestors!  They deserve nothing less!

Onward To Our Past,

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