Today’s Tip: Don’t forget to cross-check documents across the family!

As you work a family branch, don’t forget to cross-check your documents for all family members against the others.  

Often times you will see similarities in locations, Pastors, Church or Justices-of-the-Peace, and especially witnesses!

While the vast majority of my family members have witnesses at their weddings who were just the church folks such as the Sexton, clerk, etc, once they got to the States and were away from home I often find very interesting witnesses.  One sister had her two brothers as witnesses.  I just found a new branch I am working on with two witnesses of the bride’s maiden surname.  So much to investigate due to the witnesses.  

I have also found a branch of the family where the same brother witnessed every other sibling’s marriage.  The second witness was different in each, but he was there for all five marriages!

This cross checking can help with tying family together, finding new siblings or cousins, Aunts or Uncles, plus it is just plain fun to see these themes in different branches at different times and in different families.

So cross-check those records and witness the witnesses!  

It can add a whole lot to your understanding, connections, and history!

Onward To Our Past,

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