Today’s Tip:  Study up for the 1940 US Census!

As the old saying goes: This isn’t your grandfather’s Census, even if it is!

With the rush to get the 1940 out (ah, if only they stumbled across the old 1890 on the way out) there will be no name index right away.  So you have to search by Enumeration District!

This means you need to know the address of your ancestors in 1940 …. gee, where did I put my grandmother’s address book?

While I have an idea of where many of my relations lived, some I only know the city as a memory from childhood.  Such as my Aunt and Uncle who I only knew lived in ‘Lima, Ohio’.  Well, there are a ton of EDs in Lima! 

As I looked at the wonderful maps at NARA, I was loving it, but also realizing that it is going to take a tad bit of work to find folks right away! 

So be prepared!  Do some homework on locations and getting any address information you can muster.

Like I said yesterday …. 88 days is going to go fast!

Onward To Our Past,

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