Today’s Tip:  Don’t be afraid to be a little bit crazy!

Donnie May have been a little bit Rock and Roll and Marie may have been a little bit Country, but in genealogy we often each need to be a whole lot crazy!

Often times, as we grow up, we learn to ‘play it safe’.  We kind of get it drummed into our heads …. at least I certainly did!  

So when it comes to my genealogy work, going at things from a half-crazy — or full-crazy angle was not my comfort zone!

But I have learned to always take the chance …. play the goofiest of angles you can think of …. think crazy, think one-chance-in-a-million, think odd.  You just might find what you are looking for!

What is the worst that can happen?  We hit a dead end?  We gain nothing?  Not really!  Even if we come up empty on our journey, we have learned something that we can rule out!  How much better to do that rather than miss something that is lurking out there, just outside our ‘normal’ range of thinking!  

So if there is a family legend, give it a go.  Then ‘adjust’ the legend and give those crazy angles a go too!  Who knows which one might end up with gold at the end of its’ rainbow!

As my father-in-law, Carl, frequently said ‘sometimes the straightest of lines is drawn with a very crooked pencil’.

So ….. let the crazy in you come out …. it can’t hurt in the hunt!

Onward To Our Past,


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