Today’s Tip:  Go ahead, step out on your genealogical glass ledge!
In Chicago, where I live, there is a marvelous, if a bit off-putting experience you can have in call the Skydeck.
You go up 103 floors in the Sears Tower (now named the Willis tower, but who knows that) and you can step ‘outside’ the building into an entirely glass box!  Glass floor, walls, etc.  It takes your breath away as you step out …. and then you experience an amazing set of sights you don’t get to see in Chicago anywhere else.  It is truly amazing!  Scary, but amazing!
103 stories up in the air …. standing out in the air.  WOW!
Today’s tip is that we should all step out on that glass ledge every so often in our genealogy work!  Get out of our comfort zone … and feel that exhilaration when you do something that takes your breathe away … or maybe just scares the ____ out of you!  Maybe it is giving a talk.  Writing a wiki entry.  Helping a friend.  Volunteering for a Society or your local library.  Maybe charging ahead into a new branch of the family tree.
For me, I am just finishing up an abstract for a Call for Papers with an organization that is amongst the elite in the field of Czech-American arts and sciences.  
I’d love to attend (its in Slovakia), meet fellow participants, learn from some of the best in their fields, network, and what an honor to be able to present what I have studied and learned if I were so honored.  But ….. they are WAY out of my league … but I am trying anyway!  
I already feel that zip of adrenaline as my stomach does flip-flops just writing the abstract.  
If I get selected …. I am sure I will be petrified at the thought of presenting to these folks …. but hey, I’d never want to spend the rest of my days simply wondering if I ‘should have’ applied.  If I ‘could have’ made it.
So, go ….. step out on your glass ledge and enjoy the rush!  The experience …. win, lose, or draw will be worth it and who knows what grand things you might achieve!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. CollProf Reply

    Hi Scott, just got alerted to your blog via Google alerts for Czech genealogy, and glad I did. I also follow Blanka Lednicka on the CZ Gen. for Beginners Blog, and she has been so helpful! But she has two small children and a business to run, so she misses posting days at a stretch owing to how busy she must be.

    My mother's family is from Movavia and I use the Brno online archives a lot. I swear I will go there to see the relevant villages, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I've been doing this full-time only for a year or so, but I love the constant learning (as you mentioned in a post) and the new things that come my way.

    I'm always happy to have genealogy blogs fed into Google Reader since most of my friends are pretty weary of hearing me rave about info I've found. I feel I can "share" that way.

    I wish you well for your submission to the Slovak conference. One should never think he might not be good enough.

    Looking forward to being a follower here. (BTW, Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the world.)



  2. Scott Phillips Reply

    Welcome, Julie! Glad to have you here!

    Yes, many folks do get bored with my chatter too …. especially since I send a weekly family update to everyone on my family site … about 200 family members now!


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