Thankfulness is a strong, powerful, awesome commodity with a will of its’ own. 
Often times we feel it when our hearts are full and overflowing.  Other times, we feel it when our hearts are almost empty, but we manage to find a speck that springs from hope and faith somewhere. 
Sometimes it hits us full in the face.
Sometimes it sneaks up on us.
Sometimes it is just there … showing itself in the brightness of love, beauty, and caring.
Every so often, I find that it takes root in me from some deep, hidden place in my soul that I am hardly aware is there most days.  These times are usually when the clouds of life hang heavy, the demands of the world weigh on ones’ shoulders, or we can feel like our very existence is being challenged.  This thankfulness has a strength and power that is magnificent.
It comes in the form of a far-off friend who sends an email.  Perhaps it is a note someone wrote that I find in my postbox.  Perchance someone calls on the phone.  It appears in the form of a deer walking in the pre-dawn mists of the yard and stopping as if wanting to say ‘good day’ just to me.  It comes in the person of a child or grandchild wanting to share some tidbit of their day, no matter how small or ordinary.  It comes in getting lost in a book so deeply I feel I am ‘there’, where ever ‘there’ is that the author wants me to be.  Sometimes it is in the lyrics of an almost forgotten song or in a glance at a photograph rarely seen.
But it always comes with the energy of someone, or someone’s effort, reaching out and touching me. 
From that deep, hidden, tiny place …. the thankfulness wells up.  It warms me.  It envelops me. It begins to fill my heart and my soul.  It nourishes me.  It strengthens me.  It reminds me. 
Sometimes it saves me.
This is why I love Thanksgiving. 
May yours be especially blessed.
Onward To Our Past,


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