Just wanted to let you know I have been entering books into the OnwardToOurPast library at LibraryThing as fast as my fingers and time allow! 

There are now over 60 books for you to take a look at, see my reviews, etc.

There are some rare books, some common references, a few hard-to-find PhD dissertations and some must have’s for the serious genealogist.

I hope you find this of some help and enjoy looking.

Let me know what you think!

Onward To Our Past,


  1. CollProf Reply

    I checked (pun) to see if you had a copy of Daniel Schlyter's Handbook of Czech. Genealogy. Would love to get my hands on that one!

    Impressive collection you have.

  2. Scott Phillips Reply

    Thanks CollProf,

    I have Miller's book, which I like a lot since it focuses on early records, which apply to many of my ancestors. Glad you reminded me of LibraryThing. I have lagged and have a couple dozen books to add.

  3. Scott Reply

    Shon Edwards resource document is also fantastic!


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