Today’s Tip:  Asking what the most important lessons one learned in life … and from whom they came!

As you all most certainly do, from time to time I run into a reluctant family member who does not particularly want to participate in the family history I am working on, nor do they particularly want to provide stories and information.  This is especially frustrating when you KNOW they hold valuable insights and information!

Recently, after I had tried over a period of a couple of years to get one certain person to visit with me on family history to no avail, I struck out on a new path with him.  I simply asked in a phone conversation that started with some chit-chat about children and grandchildren and the world they face today, ‘What is the most important piece of advice anyone gave you in your life?’  ‘Did it help you?’  And a bit later … ‘Who gave you that advice?’  Vioala!  The flood gates were open!  The stage was set and the stories and information followed this simple opening.

Seems everyone, somewhere in life, got advice and some of it was dang good!  So they want to share their good fortune and those good words.

So take advantage of this natural advantage.  Try this new opener and see where it leads you …..

Hopefully this is good advice 🙂

Onward To Our Past,

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