Today’s Tip:  Don’t forget the family love stories!

Some of the best stories for us to capture as family historians are the family love stories!  

As I trace family lines, I often marvel at what it took to make that magic spark between two people, especially when they came from a family of multiple siblings on both sides.  What was it that caused that one person find their mate from a family of many?  

These stories are also usually some of the most treasured of our lives.  I know that even after our 37 years of marriage, my wife and I can recite the stories of our courtship and marriage verbatim.  

Often these stories contain many family tidbits, family players in the story or drama, and often traditions and certainly places.  As a matter of fact, just yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with a person who, when I asked how she met her husband, ended 45 minutes later having told me all about it, his parents, his Aunts and Uncles, and several wonderful stories in between!  Not only was it great for me, but I could tell she truly enjoy recounting those times!

Be sure to capture these integral and important stories for your family tree!  

They are more than precious!

Onward To Our Past,


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