Hello all!  I hope this finds you well and enjoying this week!
There has been a lot of buzz lately about the Royal Family lately and lots of questions and stories about folks connecting with royalty somewhere in their tree.  Well, I am here to tell you that there sure isn’t any royalty in mine!  And I certainly don’t mind!  Why?  Because, in my mind, I have something far greater than someone simply born or married into having a silver spoon in their mouth.

I come from hardworking, regular folks who spent their lives simply and in the quest to provide a little bit better lives for their children. 

I am proud of my Bohemian great grandfather, Joseph Vicha who fought against sweatshops and child labor in Cleveland, Ohio.  I’ll take the great Aunt, whose house was tarred for her Union activity.

I am proud of my Cornish great, great grandfather, Nicholas Phillips.  I found a newspaper article from 1880 that highlights this amazing man!

The article on Nicholas Phillips from The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, March 2, 1880

Blind, but still walking a postal route for over 40 years!  Walking the moors of Cornwall six days a week ….. a total of more than four and a half times around the globe! 

I’ll take Nicholas any day of the week over a Royal and I take my wife’s grandfather on the D’Aquila side, who left his home to work the mines in Brazil before coming to the United States to work in the iron mines of the Mesabi Range in Northern Minnesota.

It’s nice to know your roots for many reasons, for me it grounds me in my work ethic!

Onward To Our Past,


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