I wish I was IN Italy, but at least there are good things happening in Italy!  Someday I am going to head there, eschew the major sites, and focus on the small towns of Costaciarro and Campobasso

It has been a good week for genealogy! 

For a generation, there has been the ‘understanding’ that there were family relatives that connected between my wife’s family in Northern Minnesota and a family in the U.P. of Michigan.  Everyone ‘knew’ they were all related, but lo and behold ….. once the old genealogist got to asking, no one knew quite how! 

Perhaps this need to prove out these relationships goes back to my youth.  I lived on a great street where we all knew each other and several of the families were related. Three doors down, was the home of “Aunt Betty”.  She was always just Aunt Betty.  We checked in with her when we came home from school, she was always chatting with everyone, and watching the street.  I loved my Aunt Betty!  One day, I happened to ask my mother, in the presence of my Aunt Gladys, ‘Mom, how is Aunt Betty related to us?’  I thought my real Aunt Gladys was going to blow a gasket!  It was then explained to me that Aunt Gladys was my real Aunt.  Betty was just a neighbor, but the ‘Aunt’ title was one of respect.  That sat fine with me.  It sat fine with my Mom.  I just learned never to call ‘Aunt’ Betty, ‘Aunt Betty’, infront of my real Aunt Gladys! 

So now, after some work by a fine researcher in Italy, William Tozzi, we know that this is a true family relationship!  The relationship goes back to a great grandmother’s maiden name and that is why there was no current knowledge of the relationship.

To many in the family this was a ‘yawner’ of a discovery.  They all said, ‘well we knew we were related’!  But for me it was an AHHHH moment!  I was thrilled to have the proof. 

You see, now there won’t have to be the next person, someone unknown to me, who will come along, get bit by the genealogy bug and wonder how the family really connects!

Proof!  A wonderful thing!  Don’t build your tree without it!

Onward To Our Past,


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