If you are like me, you keep the GPS/locational device/geo-tagging turned off on your phone and camera.  I like my privacy and since I have no plans to call for a splash crowd gath[...]
In this time of instant communication and so many of our genealogy resources online for quick access, not everything is! Today’s tip is: Take the time to investigate Court Do[...]
Yesterday, I was really lucky to find a book on the history of Czechs in America from 1922 at a local library sale for under $2.00.  Usually I am not so lucky and I cannot find the[...]
Hit those Surname Message Boards! I have had very uneven success with many message boards.  Some offer soild, wonderful helpful folks.  Some flame you for no reason, tend[...]
Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts ……… No, this is not a rap on anyone of Greek heritage, but rather an age old warning from the times of the Trojan Horse.  I us[...]
Help is good in this business and FREE HELP is even better.   Set search alerts with Google, Yahoo, ebay etc. and let them help you scan the web!   I routinely set Alerts[...]
Ask your historial or genealogy society about Title Insurance Company Records they might have.Land title insurance companies are most often impeccable with their records of legal c[...]
We all LOVE our genealogy! If you are like me, it is one of your most prized possessions! You have spent countless hours, days, maybe years working on it! It is a treasured possess[...]
KISS your digital photo files to keep them organized. I have read multiple articles on how to be better organized with your genealogy information and especially your phot[...]
In these parts, Old Man Winter comes and visits, visits with a vengence, and usually overstays his visit as well!  While shoveling snow and battling ice, I have found one thin[...]