Before I began my genealogy work in earnest, I realized that some names in our family had fallen into disuse.  My paternal grandmother, INA, for example.  You just don[...]
Today, in 1621, 27 Bohemian noblemen were executed as ‘payback’ for the Battle of White Mountain. These men were executed in the public square in Prague for all to witn[...]
Happy Father’s Day everyone! I hope today brings you a chance to thank a father, grandfather, Uncle, stepfather, etc. for the job they did. I am blessed to have a good couple[...]
I hope everyone has a delightful Father’s Day! Onward To Our Past …. thanks to our Fathers (and our Mothers too)! Scott[...]
I frequently find an interesting dichotomy in genealogy work.  While most folks focus on producing high quality, documented work, there many folks who focus on “quantity̶[...]
I used to be one of those folks who looked at ‘holidays’ like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. as simply ways Hallmark figured out ho[...]
Recently I have read in a few places how we, as genealogists and family historians, are “not supposed to take no as an answer”. Now, in my other life, I am a fund raise[...]
While I fully respect and accept the millions of folks who use Twitter, I, for one, will not be using this for my genealogy communications. First of all, I find that especially in [...]
As I am sure you all have, I just came across quite a conumdrum on this family line from Bohemia that I have been chasing from North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Oklahoma!  I h[...]
‘Be careful what you wish for!’  My grandmothers (or Nana as we called them) both used to say this to me often as I was growing up.  I always scoffed … [...]