Pro české příznivce – na vaše četné žádosti zde uveřejňuji článek, který vyšel v r. 1896 v časopise Amerikán Národní Kalendář, v českém jazyce. Je nazván “Američtí Čech[...]
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Czech Genealogy: Why were writers and the press so important to our Czech ancestors? Recently one of the fans of Onward To Our Past® asked us a great question.  It was the followin[...]
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Onward To Our Past® is pleased to present the final story in our travels showing some of the impacts of the Cornish diaspora. Today’s story, originally provided to the Golowa[...]
Cornish Diaspora Profile:  Edward George PHILLIPPS (later PHILLIPS) Edward George PHILLIPPS, later changed ‘on the fly’ to PHILLIPS sometime after he left Cornwall (but[...]
Onward To Our Past® continues with our tour of America and some of the Cornishmen and Cornishwomen who came to settle here as a result of the great Cornish Diaspora. Today we follo[...]
Today Onward To Our Past® continues our ‘tour’ of one family, the PHILLIPPS (PHILLIPS) family and how the great Cornish diaspora is event in the branches of just one fa[...]
Today Onward To Our Past® is pleased to bring you the first of our family tree stories impacted by the Cornish Diaspora. We feature Thomas Phillips Allen and his story as presented[...]
The PHILLIPPS Family’s Experience with the Cornish Diaspora “You have a couple grandmas; a couple grandpas too.  They each had two parents and they’re all part of you. [...]